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The Western District is much indebted to you.
Recipient: MVB
My friendship and respect for the Chief Justice, are equal to yours; that is to say, very great; and it would give me real pleasure, to be able to promote his wishes, in any respect. But what reason have you, to suppose that B—, is to go to France? Is there any such scheme, on foot; or upon what, is the idea founded? Your suggestion, is the first, I have heard of it. Pray tell me, all about it. 
Recipient: MVB
You ask why letters were written in your ^my^ behalf for Senator, to members in different parts of the State & the matter kept a profound secret from my friend. My only answer is that they were written without my knowledge & that I did not desire the appointment. Some of my friends here informed me that they had written such letters. I felt unwilling to interfere with their wishes &... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB
Mr Sanford has recommended to you Roger Skinner Esqr. to supply the vacancy in the office of District Attorney for the State of Newyork produced by the ^his (Mr Sanfords)^ appointment of Mr Sanford to the Senate of the United States. I take the liberty of uniting with him in the recommendation of Mr Skinner and to express my solicitude for his appointment. He is in every respect qualifyed to... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
Recipient: James Madison
I have been solicited to lend my aid in procuring Mr. S. Southwick the appointment of postmaster here. Not knowing a person at Washington. to whom I could write. I suggested the expediency of obtaining your influence, upon which I was desired to write you a line. For what particular purpose I cant say. As I understood you was favorable to the [appoin]tment. I believe Mr. S. would make a very good... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB
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