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The enlightened view which the Senate has taken of the great events which have lately transpired, and of their probable influence upon the interest and destiny of the United States, displays wisdom and patriotism, worthy of that dignified body. Their favorable notice of my official conduct in the recent emergency, receives the most respectful acknowledgments; & a continuance of their... Continue Reading
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I enclose you a Bill which has yesterday passed the Senate after d nine days discussion. It was opposed by Root in all its Stages. It finally passed 21 to 6 Root being the only republican who voted against it. The assembly are now acting upon it. Clark, from Delaware the Companion of Root moved to strike out the first section if he was voted down by an overwhelming no Mr Sill then stated that he... Continue Reading
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I am Judge advocate in the tedious trial of Genl. Hull, a member of the Court of Errors, bound to prepare opinions, a Legislator obliged to Step into the Senate Chamber every two or three hours to stop the passage of some wicked law, an attorney of Counsel in the Supreme Cout & Common pleas & Mayors Court, with many other great & important callings and avocations & moreover... Continue Reading
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I have your Letter and shall act in all things conformable to your expectations having been absent 3 months in Ohio Kentucky & Indiana territory I have almost forgotten that I had the honor of a Seat in the Senate of New York, but the Proclamation which convenes us on the 26th. will enable me to renew the assurances of fidelity to your person and political elevation. I have never passed a... Continue Reading
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