Hull trial

Court-martial trial of General William Hull

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I hereby certify that Capt. O. G. Burton of the 4th U.S. Infantry has attended as a witness in the trial of Brig. Gen. Hull from the seventeenth day of January to the sixteenth day of Feby. 1814 inclusive and that he is hereby discharged  
Sender: MVB
order of Opening I. The probability of a war in the Spring of 1812 2d. The importance of Detroit, as well to repel invasion from the <alluded> enemy as to keep the Indian in awe 1200 3d. The Call on Ohio & detachment of f a force for its protection April 8th. 1812— 4. The appointment of Genl Hull & the reasons which led to it. 25th. May— about 1500 & <illegible>... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
I have received your letter of the 25th, and I immediately sit down to answer it. It is most unfortunate, that the Court Martial should take you from Albany, where you may be most wanted. I cannot help wishing the Court Martial to the devil, and you, some more pleasant and profitable employment, which would leave you at Albany, to act for the public good, and that of yourself and your friends. It... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB
Having been very recently appointed Special Judge advocate for the trial of Genl Hull and no officer of ^any^ very considerable rank or information in the North western army having as yet arrived in this City, I am considerably embarrased in making the arrangements preparatory to the trial. With a view to the arrival of the witnesses and for the purpose of enabling me to make the necessary... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
The President of the United States having ordered a General Court Martial for the Trial of Gen. Hull, and it being suggested that your Evidence will be material in the case, I am authorised and directed to Summon you immediately to appear, on behalf of the United States, before the General Court Martial, at the City of Albany, in the State of New-York. I am further authorised to assure you, that... Continue Reading
A Summons has been sent to you for a man by the name of Hyer as a Witness in the cause of the U. States <agt>. Wm Genl Wm. Hull. To enable you the more the readily to discover him I enclose you ^a copy of^ the original Letter to the Secretary at War in consequence of which he was directed to be summoned Permit me to hope that the earliest attention will be paid this business & that the... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
The Court have for the trial of Genl. Wm. Hull were formed on the 13 3d. Inst. & adjourned to the 5th. when the Witnesses were called & but four viz [intentionally blank] attended the court has again adjourned untill the 12th. Inst. Mr VBur has accepted his appointmt & has entered upon the duties of his Station. I have sent notices to several officers of the Army who I learnt had not... Continue Reading


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