Battle of New Orleans

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I am directed by the Legislature of this state, to transmit to you their unanimous resolution of thanks, for your gallant and glorious defence of NewOrleans; and to request you to communicate to your brave associates in arms, the grateful sense which the Legislature entertains of their services.  I cannot, Sir, sufficiently express my admiration of that firmness and distinguished conduct, which... Continue Reading
Recipient: Andrew Jackson
The resolution of the Legislature of NewYork, which you were charged to transmit to me, expressive of their gratitude to my^self^ & my brave associates in arms, for the preservation of New Orleans, was received in due time; but a multiplicity of engagements prevented me from acknowledging its receipt, sooner. For myself, & for my associates, I beg to return the most sincere thanks for the... Continue Reading
Mr. Paine moved the following resolutions, in behalf of the committee appointed on the subject, which were ordered to be printed. Resolved unanimously, as a sense of this legislature that Major General ANDREW JACKSON, and the gallant officers and soldiers under his command, for their noble defence of the city of New-Orleans, that important military post and grand emporium of commerce, especially... Continue Reading
Whereas in all ages and in every clime even among the most uncivilized of mankind the love of Country and the love of Glory, the Spirit of patriotism and of heroism have never failed to excite admiration, to call forth applause and to be crowned by those gratefull rewards which are ever dear to the Grand the virtuous t& the wise. And whereas the duty of cherishing Sentiments so intimately... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB, Sender: New York Legislature
Resolved unanimously, (if the Hon: the Senate concur herein) as the sense of this Legislature, that Major General Andrew Jackson, and the Gallant officers and soldiers under his command, for their noble defence of the City of New Orleans, especially in the ever memorable conflict of the Eighth of January last, do eminently deserve the unanimous applause of their country. Resolved unanimously, (if... Continue Reading
Recipient: Andrew Jackson
I am much indebted to you for the continuation of our correspondence, and, expecting, daily, for some months past, to escape from the trifling & vexatious duties which occupied me, I intended, seizing, the first moments’ leisure to make you an apology for my apparent neglect. In your letter of the 9th instant you have been liberal enough to account for my silence. I need not trouble you with... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB
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