Series 7 (4 March 1833-3 March 1837)

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At a respectible meeting of the Citizens of Upper Mount Bethel, Northampton County Pa on the 22d Feb’y, John R. Chambers in the Chair & A.P. Long Sec’y. It was resolved: That Jacob <Utt>, Francis Hagerman & Jacob Lamb Esq’rs, be a Committee to report to this meeting, the best expression of the Publick feeling, in this vicinity upon the measures of our Gen’l Gov’t The Committee soon... Continue Reading
I have recd. your letter transmitting to me the resolutions of the <illegible> <members> adopted at ^by the^ a meeting of Cordwainers of the City of Philadelphia ^which was held^ at <illegible> Hotel on the 4th instant, expressing also on ^which expressed on my^ behalf of a number of the craft the high esteem in which they do me the honor to hold me and requesting also ^inviting... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
It is on Wednesday that I usually ask a few of our friends in the House to dine ^with me^ & hope soon to have the pleasure to have those of the Cabinet. If therefore you can as conveniently as not name some other day, I should prefer it. If not continue the arrangement made last Evng.
Sender: MVB
Recipient: Levi Woodbury
I received last eveng. your letter of the 12 inst, in which you apprize me of your intention to unite with some of the friends of the present adminis Bank in an application to Congress for the incorporation of a new one, to have its principal seat at NYork. I will not conceal from you, My dear Sir, my regret that you should have been able to bring your mind to this conclusion. Of The right to... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
I regretted extremely that in writing the enclosed letter I was deprived of the pleasure of saying good bye to you in person. I may possibly see you in Nyork. If not, remember me kindly to your good wife, & accept my sincere prayer for your joint & jovial welfare. The letter to Lady Wellesley I should not like to repeat, & will therefore thank you to say nothing of the matter.
Sender: MVB
I, Juan Bolio, an inhabitant of this city, having full power of Mr. Aaron Leggett, according to the best form of law, do respectfully appear before you, saying, that Mr. Aaron Leggett, for whom I act, wanting several documents to prove several facts before the tribunals of North America, I beseech you to summon before your tribunal the citizens Juan Guilberto Ortego, Cayetano Bureto, and Jose... Continue Reading
Dennis Gahagan, of the city of New York, being duly sworn, does depose and say: That he was at Tabasco from the time of the arrival at that place of the American steamboat Bellona, B. A. Bukup, master, until the month of July last; and that, to his certain knowledge, the steamboat Bellona, up to the time of her loss, never was sold or transferred at Tabasco, and that she never was Mexican... Continue Reading
The VICE PRESIDENT having announced the standing order to be the election of the standing committees, the Senate proceeded to that duty.
Sender: MVB
The VICE PRESIDENT laid before the Senate the memorial from the Government directors of the Bank of the United States; which, on motion of Mr. WEBSTER, was laid on the table, and ordered to be printed.
Sender: MVB
The VICE PRESIDENT also laid before the Senate a letter from the Secretary of the Navy, enclosing a report of the disbursement of the contingent fund for the Navy Department for the last year; which was laid on the table.
Sender: MVB
Mr Taney has just left me. He has selected three Banks in the city of Newyork, to wit, the macanics, the Bank of north america and mcHatten Bank. These being all at present that we were prepared to select, a fourth is intended to be added, but until farther advised cannot in safety make a selection. I therefore am requested by Mr Taney to ask your advice as to the fourth Bank. Give it to me at as... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB
Her Majesty the Queen Regent, to whom I had the honor of reading the note which your excellency was pleased to address to me under date of the 8th of August last, has been much gratified by learning the amicable dispositions of the President of the United States, and the interest taken by him in the important question between Spain and her seceding colonies. In pursuance of her Majesty's orders,... Continue Reading
Sir: The multiplicity of business which the Department of State has been charged with since her Catholic Majesty the Queen Regent, was pleased to intrust me with that office, has prevented my giving an earlier reply to the several applications which your excellency, in pursuance of instructions from your Government, has made to me respecting the importance and expediency, to use your excellency's... Continue Reading
I have the honor to introduce to you the Chevalier Morelli, Neapolitan consul general in the United States. The chevalier proceeds to Mexico, by direction of his Government, for the purpose of endeavoring to obtain from the Mexican Government restitution of the property of the duke of Montelone. The Kind of the Two Sicilies has expressed a hope that the President of the United States would use... Continue Reading
Copies of letters containing charges of a serious nature, brought against you as consul of the United States, by Aaron Leggett, were transmitted, some time since, from this Department to Colonel Butler, who was instructed to make inquiry into the case, and report upon it; but no answer having arrived, I have caused duplicates to be sent to Colonel Butler, with renewed instructions to proceed in... Continue Reading
Sender: Louis McLane


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