Series 3 (17 February 1815-2 December 1821)

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I am favored with your acceptable letter of the 19th. by which I observe that the restraining Bill continues to slumber. When it is called up I observe you intend having a change proposed which will allow me to Bank with Sandy Hill paper. This must be drawn with a great deal of caution or uninformed members may <illegible> they see a great deal of mischief wrapped up in it. If it could be... Continue Reading
I am now at the Senate chamber where I am obliged to spend considerable time. And the business now going on being very dull I have taken my place at the Clerks desk and shall devote a few moments to an employment much more pleasant & interesting than the dry debates of the Senate! I have at length finished my long answer which has so often interfered with my attention to you. I filled the... Continue Reading
Your acceptable letter ^in^ behalf of Judge Howe came to hand in due course. I would not willingly confine or injure any honest man much less a friend of yours when I have the pleasure of seeing you I will prove to you that none of the parties are entitled to the least consideration from me they approached me as friends got my money and then resorted to every mean in their power to keep me out of... Continue Reading
Your acceptable letter of the 10th. is at hand by which I observe with pleasure that our prospects continue favorable. On the subject of another pamphlet you being on the spot are undoubtedly the best judge, it is of all other cases liable to a double operation & we must never let our feelings carry us beyond the dictates of our judgment. Edwards Pierson & Tooker went off some days ago,... Continue Reading
I expect the Advocate will say something in favor of Marcus tomorrow. If some of its advisers who are Bank Directors do not get knowledge of its proprietors intentions and intercede to stop it. A Book never appeared here that has been more admired or more eagerly sought after. The notes I mentioned the printer has incorporated in the pamphlet, you will not think they improve it any but as it was... Continue Reading
Pierson & Tooker left town this morning it is said their departure was hastened by tidings from Albany that the fever they had created against the country banks was subsiding, the Independent Chronicle is the only paper that dares disapprove of Pierson's report, he is at it <illegible> ^this^ morning & has before squinted that way. If you feel an interest in advocating the uptown... Continue Reading
You have herewith a letter for Mr. L Davis, who can describe the conduct of the City Banks & the means resorted to by some of them to obtain charters to <admiration> if he chooses to do so & I believe he is interested in the success of the application for a bank in the upper part of this city, Mr. Miller & the rest of them will advocate my cause if they can be made to think it... Continue Reading
I promised to write you by the Wednesday mail, but I have been so much engaged today in attending to some unexpected business which required my attention that I have been unable to write. It would however have done no good if I had, for the people at the post office made up their mail & sent it across the River an hour or two earlier than usual so that if my letter had been prepared it would... Continue Reading
Yours of the 5th with the pamphlets are recd. You have done the subject very great justice and cannot but have an influence, I have ordered 1000 copies struck off here, I have enlarged your quotation from the report by adding the words, after granted, "and having set all law and authority at defiance" that the error as you term his falsehood may appear more manifest, and I have added two or three... Continue Reading
It is now Saturday afternoon, & yet there is no crossing with Horses. Nor has there been any mail down since last Monday. I went to the post office on Friday morning early but found that the little mail would not go down on that day, so I was obliged to bring back my letter. The gentleman expected from Renssellaer County has not yet arrived. If the crossing & travelling had been good I... Continue Reading
Allow me to trouble you again about my little Bank in the hope of being enabled to remove from your mind some of the impressions that I understand have been made on it which I think would never have found a place there were you acquainted with the nature of my Banking operation. The Legislature without my interference established a Bank at Sandy Hill to which nobody else would subscribe to any... Continue Reading
Recipient: Samuel Young
If any remarks should be made about the cashier of the Washington & Warren Bank affirming to the return in the city you will please explain he was at Sandy Hill on new year when that return was made out but that he left for Newyork on business without affirming to it consequently it was sent there for him to do the needful. I think that should the Senate fill up the blank in the exemption of... Continue Reading
I have not yet received the letter which was due to me yesterday, as the mail has not arrived. The ice gave way yesterday morning & came down with great rapidity & violence, carrying off one or two houses & doing a great deal of injury. It stopped in about fifteen or twenty minutes, but in the afternoon broke away a second time & came down the current with inconceivable force. In... Continue Reading
If you have not had your notice of Mr. Pierson's report printed I hope you will take notice of his being a director in the city Bank & one of the applicants for that charter which was obtained under very suspicious circumstances, great exception may be taken to their having refused to pay specie, their apology for which was the embarrassments occasioned by the war, which were far less than... Continue Reading
Mr Hazard this morning hands me yours of the 27th. I am very much pleased to learn that you have succeeded in getting a favourable report made to the senate, it is impossible for me to have succeeded better if I had been on the spot, if the restraining law with that exemption should pass the senate, the sooner it passes the assembly, the better as when Ogden, Pearson & Tooker return they will... Continue Reading


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