Series 3 (17 February 1815-2 December 1821)

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Selah Cole a material witness in a very important prosecution of which I have charge in the Court of General Quarter Sessions of the peace of the County of Philadelphia, has ^I have been informed^ been seduced in to the State of N York & committed to prison in Monticello Sullivan County, <under> the oath of Charles A Mitchell a man well known in the Criminal Courts of New York &... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB
I received yours of the 1st to-day, and seize this moment of writing you BECAUSE I CAN DO IT IN MY PRIVATE CAPACITY, and without reference to my official character. For the last fortnight I have had various concerns to attend to, which have rendered it impossible for me to say more in my epistles than necessity required—such as Gardening and Banking—working about the door-yard and Paying Specie—... Continue Reading
Recipient: Jesse Hoyt
I have received a communication from the Attorney General of Pensylvania respecting Selah Cole who is imprisoned in your County on a criminal charge. I am wel satisfied that the imprisonment of Cole is collusive with a view to deprive the State of Pensylvania of the benefit of his testimony in a criminal case, it becomes our duty to defeat so dishonorable a contrivance. To this end I wish you to... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
Your last epistle on the subject of Newyork politcs has served ^only^ to add demonstration to my previous conviction that you are totally and deplorably ignorant of not only of Mr Clinton (I mention ^him^ first out of compaisance to you) but of the State, her political Interests and the Sentiments and views of her citizens, & that when you meddle at all with politics you are so wholly ^as I... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
I am in receipt of your esteemed favor of the 26th ulto. suggesting the propriety of papering the walls of the Banking House. I observed the necessity thereof when at Sandy Hill & intended to have requested the favor of Mr Butler attending to its being done but as you are willing to take that trouble I accept your kind offer & have to request that you have done whatever your good... Continue Reading
Pursuant to the request contained in your letter, I have forwarded to to Col Stranahan the list of the Terretenants to be summoned. That is of all the names contained in the plea. You will be pleased to transmit to him (them) Stranahan & Jordan) the Sci. fa and Copies thereof. Lest you may want for this purpose a copy of the plea, I enclose you a copy, which I pray you to return when you... Continue Reading
Sender: Aaron Burr
Recipient: MVB
Mr. Chester this evening preached his preparatory lecture from 12th Romans <&c> "I beseech you therefore  &c," a very appropriate & well selected subject for the occasion. How sincere & unreserved should be our surrender of ourselves to God. "A living sacrifice," 'tis a difficult but an imperious duty. The requirement is just, our obedience should be willing, for it should... Continue Reading
The Steam boat which is to bring me a letter from you has not yet arrived, nor will it be here until morning. I am very anxious to hear from you indeed for it is really a long time to be without information. I have been engaged in doors & out for since my return for I have much to require my attention both ways. But I find much relief in the absence of the Legislature. I am no more troubled... Continue Reading
I arrived here at 4 o.Clock yesterday, and had the pleasure to find all my friends in good health & well pleased to see me. I soon gave up the idea of going to Albany before Monday, for it is so long since I have been at home, & my visits have usually been so short and hurried, that I felt a strong inclination to remain with my dear mother father & family as long as possible. So dear... Continue Reading
I have this day drawn on you Saml. N. <Brash> for $600 & Saml I. Babbatt for $247 payable in Washington & Warren Bank notes. The holders of these Bills are to wait for payment until you receive the notes. I have requested Mr. Abbott to send you $5000. Will you do me the favor to receive them and hold them subject to my orders as it frequently happens that I can discount for persons... Continue Reading
I have this day drawn on your favor N. Brock for $600 & Saml I. <Babbet> for $247 payable in Washington & Warren Bank notes. The holders of these Bills are to wait for payment until you receive the notes. I have requested Mr. Abbott to send you $5000. Will you do me the favor to receive them & hold them subject to my orders as it frequently happens that I can discount for... Continue Reading
After discovering the other morning that Mr. Barker had not arrived, I was obliged to write him a letter & had some other things to attend to which prevented me from filling the sheet. The reason of his not coming up he says that I had "managed for him so well that he was afraid he would be only a marplot if he came" & so he concluded to remain at home. I am therefore under the necessity... Continue Reading
By this boat I send a bundle of blank notes which I wish you to send to Sandy Hill immediately & if there should not be any private conveyance please send a young man to go up in the stage wait there two days & bring back a bundle which please forward to me by first boat after you receive it
The Steam Boat has not yet arrived though I presume she will be here before morning. Of course it will be out of my power to come here tomorrow. Indeed I dont know that I shall get away this week. I shall be able to tell when Mr. Barker arrives. But there is now no doubt that the Legislature will adjourn on Tuesday & even if I should wait till then it will soon come. I have written to your... Continue Reading
I have been so closely confined to this Dutch metropolis since the session of the Legislature that I have as yet been unable to leave town to make all the preliminary arrangements in relation to my interesting concerns at Hudson. In addition to my usual avocations the business of Mr. Barker is not yet determined & as this is the very <crisis> of his fate I dare not quit my post until... Continue Reading


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