Series 3 (17 February 1815-2 December 1821)

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I rcd. your letter I confess with unfeigned mortification & I hope upon your reflection you will think that you have done very wrong in making the request of me contained in your letter. Can you tell ^give^ me any earthly reason why your becoming bail for Mr. Cantine is a favour to me or why I should give you counter security? Do you suppose that my credit is so doubtfull that if I would... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
Recipient: Peter I. Hoes
Know all men by these presents that we Martin Van Buren and Peter I. Hoes are held and firmly bound to Jesse Buel in the sum of three thousand Dollars to be paid to the said Jesse Buel his executors administators or assigns, for which payment well and truly to be made we bind ourselves our heirs executors & administators firmly by these presents, seald with our seals Dated, 17th July 1820.... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB, Sender: Peter I. Hoes
Mr Cantine handed me two Bonds the one a blank one the other executed by you and <illegible> so as to be executed by me also, the one executed by you Cantine informs me is incorrect and if I <execute> any he wishes me to sign the Blank one or in other words the one that you have not yet signed. I have reflected much on the subject and have put the most favourable construction on that... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB
I have just recd. yours of the 12th. I must deal frankly and especially with all who may unjustly claim that I shd. discard Rumer in writing to him on a subject, personally as well as politically of great moment. You cannot be ignorant of the course, that I have, <illegible> ^at first^ with some hesitation, believed it to be my Duty to pursue relative to the missouri question. The... Continue Reading
Sender: Rufus King
Recipient: MVB
It is due to Genl. Brown & also to the inoffensiveness of my own motives at least, that I should state, that I have no doubt the observations in relation to your conversation with Genl. Brown which have appeared in the public prints, originated from some familiar communications made by me, and I feel equally with you, hurt & surprised at the use which has been made of them. Although from... Continue Reading
Recipient: Ambrose Spencer
I am delighted with your <Phasion> but think the publication of them should be delayed for sometime and then be published in rapid succession I wish therefore you would prepare them all and send them down me
Sender: MVB
"Nor can I conceal on this occasion the deep anxiety which I feel in a subject now under the consideration of the General Government and which is unfortunately calculated to produce geographical distinctions. Highly important as it is to allay feelings so inauspicious & to cultivate the most friendly relations communion with every member of the confederacy, yet I consider the interdiction of... Continue Reading
Reflecting upon the occurance of last evening, Mr. Mc. In[t]yres case ought to have been brought up by me in a very different manner from what it was, assurances ought then to have been required that he should not be removed from his office, by the council about to be made, I feel a strong conviction that he is an honest and upright man, ^&^ a great proportion of this community are of the... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB
I recd. yours of this morning & in reply have only to say, that if the Gentlemen who our friends support for the Council could be induced to ob make any stipulation either who they should would appoint or who they would or would not remove as an Inducement for their support, I would not only oppose them to the extend of my means but would publicly upraid them for their profligacy. I thought I... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
I received yours of this morning and in reply have only to say that if the Gentlemen who our friends support for the council could be induced to make any stipulation either who they would appoint or who they would ^or would^ not remove as an Inducement for their support I would not only oppose them to the extent of my means but would publicly upraid them for their profligacy. I thought I had made... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
Mr. Catlin has resigned the Cashiership of the Branch Bank, and our friends the Duers are very anxious to have Mr. Robinson appointed. Mr. Gracie has left my room this moment and is very anxious that you should come down and go with them. I hope you will by no means fail to come down with the next boat. I shall be detained here until the latter end of the next week waiting for the Secretary of... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
You will be a little surprised at receiving this letter from one who is hors de combat of the Politicks of this State Presuming however upon the portion of your confidence that I enjoy and the partial knowledge of your views whi[ch] I gathered from our recent conversation <illegible> I venture to inform you that my political friends and the Clintonians are out of humour with each other... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB
The proceeding are the answers of G. W. P. and Aug J. P to your questions, of which a copy is prepared.  The general rule as to <illegible> is undoubtedly as the atty genl. States. There can be no objection to the proposed amendment. Perhaps it may be deemed necessary. We can hereafter provide for the trial of issues of fact if any should be joined.  In the suit of Simons (in Chany) so many... Continue Reading
Sender: Aaron Burr
From the various representations which have been made to me in regard to malpractices of the Postmaster at norwich I must cordially unite with Mr. Van Buren in recommending his removal and the appointment of Lot Clark
The distresses of our country, produc[ed first] by the flood, then by the ebb of bank paper are such [as cannot] fail to engage the interposition of the Legislature. [Many] propositions will of course be offered, from all of which [some]thing may probably be culled to make a good whole. I exp[lained] to you my project, when I had the pleasure of possessing yo[u] here; and I now send its outline... Continue Reading


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