Series 3 (17 February 1815-2 December 1821)

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Since I wrote you I have heard from Mr Oakley & find that it will not be practicable to have our meetng until after the August term. He cannot go before the 14th. & I must be here by the 19th. at all events. At the august term we will arrange anew & upon better grounds.
Sender: MVB
I have once more the pleasure of writing you. I hope however, that I may not enjoy it longer, for there is one which I greatly prefer to it, and that is the presence of the most affectionate wife in the universe. Dear creature how I love her. How I wish myself with her to enjoy the mild air of this delightful evening. Soon that pleasure will be mine. Speed on ye hours which are once more to give... Continue Reading
You have herewith $1174.50 which please deposit to my credit if there is a discount on any of the notes please to pay it and charge it to my account, you have herewith a copy of a letter <G> R Bank, has written to Troy Bank for your perusal which Mr. Hoyt will please retain until Mr. Butler returns 
For the first time I have the pleasure of addressing you on paper by this most endearing & beloved appellation. But happy as I am to be enabled to confer it I would gladly have escaped if I could, the necessity of doing it in this instance. I can talk & think of a fond & invaluable wife, but the more I do so, the more I am led to remember that we are seperated by from each other,... Continue Reading
The Banks in Troy and Lansingburgh have commenced taking your notes from their respective customers at par, & will present them at your Bank for payment. 
You have herewith Copy of a letter from the Troy Bank which I send for your information I hope you will make the wished for arrangement. I shall probably <award> you some specie by tomorrow evengs Steam boat when I shall write you particularly in relation to Sandy Hill.
I wrote you yesterday morning a very hasty scrawl which my clerks had not time to copy before the Boat went off I therefore sent in its original crude state, & being engaged with a party of ladies to go after strawberrys this afternoon at Harlem where they are very abundant I have not time to repeat what I then wrote I hope you will understand it & be enabled to make the wished for... Continue Reading
I am informed that the Troy Waterford & Lansingburgh Banks, take at par the ordinary notes of the W. & W. Bank & that the Albany Banks have it in contemplation to do the same, please confer with them all & know on what terms they will keep on acct with the Exchange Bank to exchange once in each month or oftener I will agree to receive at par all the W. & W. they may take... Continue Reading
I have appointed the 10th of July to meet Mr. Astor at Newyork & have written to Mr. Oakly to that effect. Mr. Young has promised me to send the papers if he does not in person I shall be obliged to send for them write
Sender: MVB
On my arrival at court I found that causes of the People vs Pitts and others were not on the calendar, I put them on, but by agreement with the Opposing Consul was not ^to^ hand up the N. pr. Records, until I could see Mr. <Clorry> the Agent mentioned in your letter.  Mr. <Avery> did not appear nor any Witness on the part of the People. I made every inquiry concerning the cases, but... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB
*The People of the State of New-York, ex  [*358] relatione The Attorney-General, against The Utica Insurance Company. THIS was an information in the nature of a quo warranto, filed by the attorney-general against the defendants, for exercising banking privileges, without authority from the legislature. An information, in the nature of a quo qarranto, lies against an incorporated company... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
Sup. Court The People vs The Utica Insurance Company  For Points see Points Ist. Does the act of Incorporation confer the privilege of banking on the Defendants. 6th. <Bacon> 384 title Statute letter (I5) Ist such was not the Intention of the Legislature & their acts like private grants use to be construed according to the Intention of those who make them. 2d. That such was not... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
It is now sometime after ten, for I have been at the Forum all the evening, but I can not retire without thanking you with the greatest sincerity for your dear letter of yesterday, which was received about Sundown. It inspired the most pleasing & at the same time a sort of melancholy sentiment. To reflect that I was to discontinue a correspondence which has so long afforded me the most... Continue Reading
I thank you a thousand times for your letter of Saturday, one glance at the beginning of which on Sunday <nearly> removed all my apprehensions on your account for it conveyed the delightful assurance that your health was regained & the cause of your affliction entirely removed. How grateful ought <we> feel for this kindness of our God in restoring you so soon. Not a hair of our... Continue Reading
I thank you for your favor of the 24th. It was directed & forwarded to Hudson & as my stay at that place was only for two days I unfortunately missed it. Owing to the circumstances it did not reach me as soon as it would otherwise have done. You can not adequately conceive how much I am gratified by the manner in which you speak of my intended relationship. Next to the desire I have... Continue Reading


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