Series 2 (1 January 1812-16 February 1815)

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Mr. Stone of this city has applyed to me to assist him in my professional capacity to recover satisfaction for an Injury which he supposes his horse received while in your employ. He has submitted to my perusal a correspondence betwen yourself & him on the subject from which it appears that an amicable adjustment of the matter is no[t] to be expected. If in this impression I am correct I wish... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
I have the Bonds with me but have it not in my power to ascertain the ballance due on them, when I spoke to you about a year ago on the subject you offered to give me a Judgment Bond for the amount due which I then from a conviction that it was unnecessary and not being compelled by absolute instructions avoided taking. I now propose to take a Judgment Bond for $2500 I giving you a writing that... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
A friend of Mr Ely called yesterday to inform me that the Bill which he had intended to bring into the H of A. for my benefit had been indefinitely postponed by your advice. No doubt you may have very good and very friendly reasons for this advice; but I should have taken it very kind if they had been first imparted to me. You know that the only hope which I have of being able to keep out of... Continue Reading
Sender: Aaron Burr
Recipient: MVB
I HAVE recently observed in the Albany Gazette, your objections, as a member of the Council of Revision, to several of the laws passed at the last session of the Legislature. Understanding that the laws, to which you have objected with so much zeal and sensibility, passed the Senate with the approbation of about three-fourths of the members, and the House of Assembly with nearly two-thirds, and... Continue Reading
Sender: Samuel Young
Recipient: James Kent
Supreme Court James Jackson ex dem. Abrm. I Salisbury v. Nicholas Fish & Matthew Mc Nair Brief for Trial Onondago circuit Deduction of Sale Ist. Pattent to Caleb Cornwall for Lot No. 6 in Hanibal Onondago County 2d April IId. Conveyance from Caleb 1783 Cornwall To Edward Taylor Witness Barker   <Zeder> <illegible>   <Smith>     IIId Assignment from Edward... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
The enlightened view which the Senate has taken of the great events which have lately transpired, and of their probable influence upon the interest and destiny of the United States, displays wisdom and patriotism, worthy of that dignified body. Their favorable notice of my official conduct in the recent emergency, receives the most respectful acknowledgments; & a continuance of their... Continue Reading
Recipient: New York Senate
AN ACT to encourage Privateering Associations. WHEREAS a barbarous warfare on our coast and frontiers, by pillage and conflagration, is carried on by the enemy, and a determination is avowed, to lay waste our cities and habitations, and make a common ruin of both public and private property, to the usages of civilized warfare: Wherefore, it has become expedient and necessary, that the Legislature... Continue Reading
AN ACT To Authorise the Raising of Troops for the Defense of this State. I. Be it enacted by the People of the state of New-York, represented in Senate and Assembly, That it shall and may be lawful for his Excellency the Governor, by general orders, to call into actual service from the militia of this state, twelve thousand able-bodied and effective men, to be raised in the manner prescribed by... Continue Reading
AN ACT to authorise the raising of two regiments of men of colour. BE it enacted by the people of the state of New-York, represented in senate and assembly, That the governor of the state of New-York be, and he is hereby authorised to raise, by voluntary enlistment, two regiments of free men of color, for the defence of the state, for three years unless sooner discharged. And be it further... Continue Reading
AN ACT authorising additional pay to be made to the volunteers, and for paying the militia called into service by the state authority. BE it enacted by the people of the state of New-York, represented in senate and assembly, That the governor shall cause to be paid to each non commissioned officer, musician and private, of the volunteer corps, and to the legal representatives of those who may be... Continue Reading
AN ACT to authorise the raising a corps of sea-fencibles. Be it enacted by the people of the state of New-York, represented in senate and assembly, That the governor of the state of New-York be, and he is hereby authorised to raise for three years, unless sooner discharged, twenty companies of sea-fencibles, who may be employed as well on the land as on the water, for the defence of the port and... Continue Reading
Connecticut Minor 1813 The day is past, the Elections o'er and Madison is King once more! Ye Vagabonds of my land Cut-Throats & Knaves a patriotic band, Ye Demagogues lift up your voice. Moles and Banditti all rejoice. N. J. Jany 12th. 1813 Mr Masons Speech N. J. Feby 25th. 1813 “The rogues march was played under the window of the man who drew the declaration of Independence.” The man who... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
I have seen Mr Jenkins several times since his return, he & his friends are exc highly pleased with his appointment, I thought it improper immediately to speak to him on the subject, but sent for his brother Seth who desired me to be perfectly easy on the subject & to inform you that the mayor would unequivocally vote for you. There is no possible doubt of it. It is not hower worth while... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
Recipient: DeWitt Clinton
For the last month I have ben excessively engaged in the Trial of Genl. Hull & when I shall get through the Lord knows. Its result will be creditable to the Govermnt & deplorable to the accused. This ^it^ may not be proper to mention as coming from me. This eng^a^gement has so harassed me that it has not been in my power to excute my one wishes by writing you frequently. When the cause... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
I have received your two letters, of the 6th and 8th inst. I cannot deny the cogency of the considerations, which have determined you to decline the station which was the subject of mine of the 28th ult. and that some of them can by no one be so well appreciated as yourself. I was not unaware of the great value of your services, within the limits of your particular state, under the circumstances... Continue Reading


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