Series 1 (5 December 1782-31 December 1811)

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I have had the honor to receive your letter of the 1st November, and to lay it before the President. It is much to be regretted that the reparation due for such an aggression as that committed on the United States frigate the Chesapeake should have been so long delayed; nor could the translation of the offending officer from one command to another be regarded as constituting part of a reparation... Continue Reading
In pursuance of the orders which I have received from his royal highness the Prince Regent, in the name and on the behalf of his Majesty, for the purpose of proceeding to a final adjustment of the differences which have arisen between Great Britain and the United States, in the affair of the Chesapeake frigate, I have the honor to acquaint you— First. That I am instructed to repeat to the... Continue Reading
Agreeable to your request I called upon Osgood in order to obtain the amount of the Taxes upon the Different Tracts of Land mentioned in your Statement, found in the supervisors Books the following Taxes to wit. against F. Silvester for land in onieda County–$1..28. no <Taxes> <illegible> agt. P. Silvester for Do. in Lictcfield Herkimer County. "–46 Cents agt. — Wyncoop no Christian... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
I now send you the Copies of the opinions of the Courts in Jackson v Freer & Cooper in Error, & in Adams v Overseers of Columbia. I paid a Clerk for Copying them two dollars & ninety cents.  I have sent the dissenting opinion of Mr <Sater> but the majority of the Court concurred in that of the Chancellor, which is the only written opinion I have, & the only one that will be... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB
When you handed me the note this morning from Mr. Van Buren, the principles upon which I refused pay for it as an advertisement, was, to secure to myself the priviledge of making such comments upon it, as, from the extent to which I have gone in this business as a[n] editor, and the necessary defe[n]ce of my political friends, it [sh]ould be deemed expedient to make. I have thought proper to make... Continue Reading
At a meeting held at the house of Jonas Miller in the town of Granger previous to the last election you asserted–that you could prove in a court of Justice that I had ^written^ a letter last winter to a member of the Legislature “conjuring him to present a report on the petition of Henry Avery & others as matters were working well in the manor and that we would save several hundred votes by... Continue Reading
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You request me to express to you my Impressions on the subject of the Title of the Livingston Family to the lands you possess and your associates possess, those of you with whom I am acquainted I am persuaded must be sensible of the delicacy of my situation in complying with my ^your^ wishes most controversies which are to undergo the ordeal of legal scrutiny must at all times be doubtfull, and... Continue Reading
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Court of Errors John Van Ness Yates               v John Lansing Junr. Brief for Argument Feby Term 1811 This action is founded in that part of the Habeas Corpus act which prohibits a person once discharged by Habeas Corpus from being recommitted &c. The words are 1 Vol. R Laws 288, "That no person who shall be set at large upon any Habeas Corpus shall be again imprisoned for the same offence... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
On my return home yesterday the enclosed was handed on from Van Buren wrote on his way to Albany. Could suspicions for one moment have existed injurious to his honour, I conceive they are wholly done away by this letter, for as his declarations are full & unequivical on this Subject I feel extremely anxious for you to come in on Friday. I wish Van Buren to be appointed, as he would esteem it ... Continue Reading
Sup-Court Gilchrist       ads. Jackson ex dem. Palmer 1. point. First there was no settled mode prior to 1771, of conveyance by James Covert. This appears by the recital to the act of 1771. 2. Johns-234. Ergo the practice of the Colony is to be regarded in relation to such Conveyances. Cowp. 201. The acknowledgmt <was> only legal formality &c.   2. point That a due acknowledgmt... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
Tobs. D. VBuren— Principal— $20   Int— 2.80 E Gridly—   32.77   Int— 8.39 P. Cole—   4.50   Int “ 70 <Hone> & <Session>— about— 3.50 A. Peak—   2.25 M. Butler—   7.31 J. Vosburgh—   25.00 M. Gander—   27.78   Int— 3.72 Adam Van Alstyne—   20.00   Int 4.<00> M.... Continue Reading
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Before I arrived here the Court of Errors had concluded not to hear an other cause. Mr. Harrison was present and promoted it. It is h said he had declared his determination never to attend the Court again. I am sorry but it cannot be helped. I go, to morrow with the Steam Boat. Perhaps they will have a summer session.
Sender: MVB
Columbia County, ss. Personally appeared Aron Reed, of the Town of Hillsdale in said county, who, on being duly sworn, doth depose and say, That he this deponent, is acquainted with the real and personal estate of Amanda John T. Jane Morton Pier & anna Bredie Infants under the age of fourteen years and that, according to the best of judgment of his this deponent, the clear amount of their... Continue Reading
Mr. Tobias Van Buren is very anxious respecting his suit agt. the <Pulver> & the <illegible> had in consequence of Peter I Goes being related. A second view was ordered by you, which took place on monday last, & William Southerland ^Esqr.^ was substituted in the place of Mr. Goes. Mr. John M. Putty [. . .] was regularly notified, and regrets [. . .] to attend that day &... Continue Reading
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Supreme Court   Harmin Vosburgh &   John A Vosburgh   advs   James Jackson ex dem Ejectment Jno I. V. Alen Junr. & Jam V. LVan Alen   Abrm. Van Buren says, That he understood that a Possession had been taken by Abrm. Vosburgh, Martin Van Buren & Barent Vosburgh of Lot now occupied by James I Van Alen & others the disputed Premises and where Jack now lives about two... Continue Reading
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