Series 1 (5 December 1782-31 December 1811)

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Your Communication has been handed to me by Mr Morell he is authorised to make arrangements contemplated & [. . .]
Sender: MVB
Recipient: John Sudam
In your paper of the 23d. Inst. you state that I am the author of a communication under the Signature of Benjamin Birdsail Junr Esquire which appeared in the Bee of the same date. [. . .] did this charge affect me only I should treat it with the same contempt I have the tissue of misrepresentation with which your paper has lately teemed against me, but as it is calculated to hold up Mr. Birdsail... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
At the time, when I addressed the People of the Manor of Livingston and offered a deposit of Five hundred dollars to become yours in the event of my not substantiating the charge then made against you, I expressly limited the time within which the prosecution was to be commenced, that time has long since expired, and altho’ I entertain no doubt as to the result of an investigation, yet as I am... Continue Reading
Recipient: MVB
Mr King having left the affairs of his mission in my charge during his absence, I take the liberty of answering your letter to him, under date the <8>th instant.  Suits for wages are not sustained in the Admiralty Court unless the minister of this country to which the ship belongs gives his consent. For reasons the importance of which your mind will readily conceive, Mr King has been averse... Continue Reading
I have once more with shame to inform you that this county has given 527 majority for Platt & about the same for Assembly & Congress. All the made Voters voted for assembly & Congress. If you look at the Votes between this year & last you will find that there have been about ^rising of^ 600 Votes made in the County of which our friends made about one third. In Chatham our friend... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
Recipient: DeWitt Clinton
You must perfectly recollect two publications which were made in the Northern Wig & hand bills impeaching my Official conduct in the charging of fees on Writs & Executions. Against the immediate publishers of the charges I have instituted suits and of course explanations with them are superfluous; but this not being the case with you who if my information be correct have had some agency... Continue Reading
Extracts from the Republican Watch Tower, printed in the City of New York. June 14th. 1808. "All persons having property which was intended for exportation to Canada, whether lumber in raft, or other merchandise, are informd that no such exportations can be permitted. The laws and instructions received by the undersigned Collectors are such as require their utmost vigilance and exertion, in... Continue Reading
Art: 1. There shall be paid into the (caisor des Donages) for account of the public treasury and appropriated to the service 1819 & 1810 the sums arising 1st from the sales of the American Cargoes seised at Antwerp. 2d from the sale of American Cargoes delivered up by Holland. 3d from the sale of the Cargoes of American vessels, seised in the ports of spain. 4th from the proceeds of the... Continue Reading
You will not I hope deem it intrusive, if complying with my wishes as to the result. I address you on the subject of Postmaster for New york to supply the vacancy occasioned by the death of Mr. Bauman to be concise and unceremonial I know of no man in the City of New york so highly and ju[s]tly Entitled to the offic[e] as Mr. Robert James Livingston his claims to notice are founded on very great... Continue Reading
I am informed that you are in Possession of a claim Title to the Premises in the foregoing Declaration of Ejectment mentioned or some Part thereof and I being sued in the above Cause as casual Ejector and having no Claim or Title to the Premises do advise you to appear before the Justices of the Supreme Court of Judicature to be held for the State of Newyork at the City Hall of the City of New-... Continue Reading
Mr Madisons instructions to Messrs Monroe & Pinkney May 18th 1806 "as relates to the West Indies & North American Colonies it must be a permanent object of the U. States to have the intercourse with them made as free as that with Europe. The relative situation of the U States with those Colonies & particularly those wants which we can alone supply must necessarily produce that effect... Continue Reading
In your paper on the 16th. Instant at the close of several scurrilous remarks respecting myself & others you say, “Do you suppose, that Lawyer Van Buren has now any recollection of a Letter which he wrote last winter to a member of the legislature, urging him in the first place, if possible, to prevent a report being made on the subject of the Livingston title to the manor Lands; but if not... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
From the proceedings of our County meeting you will perceive that we are correct if we are not as numerous as we might be. Our new Sheriff turned rather pale at the meeting when I introduced the resolutions but did not think fit to enter into a discussion he made a virtue of necessity with a tolerable good grace. He assured me that he would exert himself to prevent Willet from having a vote in... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
Recipient: DeWitt Clinton
The meeting having convened pursuant to adjournment, and the nomination of lieutenant-governor and the address of the republican members of the legislature, made at Albany on the 15th ult. having been read, Resolved, unanimously, That we will support DE WITT CLINTON, Esq. for the office of lieutenant-governor at the ensuing election. The committee appointed for the purpose being called upon for... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB
REPUBLICAN PATRIOTISM. CITY OF HUDSON. At a General Meeting of the Citizens of Hudson, friendly to the measures of Government in their resistance to the outrages of foreign powers, and determined to support them in the exercise of their legal duties and constitutional authorities, convened by public notice, at Mr. Swart's Long Room, on Tuesday evening, the 31st of January, 1809— The MAYOR in the... Continue Reading
Sender: MVB


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