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S[amuel] McCrea to MVB, c25 May 1815


William S. McCrea the unfortunate debtor to the people purchased of the People of this State lands as the consideration of the bond or bonds given to the people & on which he is sued by you as their agent. The lands were purchased by him at the age of about twenty one when he was about to enter on the stage of acting for himself. He happened in Albany at the time of the sale of the lands on some business of his father & unfortunately happened to have with him sufficient money to make the first payment required by Statute. He purchased the land without looking at it viewing it first. And when he did view it he found it impracticable to settle it at the present, if ever in his day doubtful. He then went to the County of Delaware & purchased other lands on which he has made some improvements & is not very able at the present to advance much cash for property of the description of that Y<Brant> tract. William S. McCrea has paid a sum on the lands which with the interest thereof amounts at this time to two hundred & twenty five Dollars, which sum he is willing & desirous to make a free donation of to the state if they will give him up his bond or bonds & if they do not think that a reasonable offer he will do more he will pay the costs of this suit which you have commenced. I see the Commissioners of the land office are authorized by the 18th. Section of the act entitled "an act concerning the commissioners of the land office & the sale of unappropriated lands to sell the same lands sold & make the first purchaser forfeit the first payments. If they would in this case have the goodness to do it they would confer a favor on William S. McCrea & they could not injure the state but a little at any rate the state could say on the whole that they had made a saving bargain & saved one of their subjects perhaps from penury & about three years ago I made the same request as above to Mr Hildrith the then Atty Genl through his partner Mr. Haring as Mr. Hildrith was not at home when I called at his house & Mr Hildrith soon after decd. & the papers were placed in other hands, I at that time paid to Mr. Haring as a deposit one hundred Dollars & if the commissioners chose to accept of the offer that money was not to be paid & if not it was to be paid which $100 paid by myself as aforesaid. I now except in the above request to take back the land & I do not know whether the people have got the $100. left by me with Mr. Haring or whether it is in the hands of the Executors of Hildrith or with haring. Please inform me by letter whether it would be likely that the commissioners would be likely to take back the land & order a new sale & also whether the Executors of Hildrith have paid in to the state a payment of $100 on the said bond or bonds



S. McCrea

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Source: N-Ar New York State Archives
Collection: Attorney General Papers (N-Ar)
Series: Series 3 (17 February 1815-2 December 1821)