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MVB to Edward Livingston, 26 September 1829 

My dear Sir 

I see by the papers that you have already been made grand something by your Masonic brethren & as I presume with your consent. It would be superfluous ^therefore^ to say much about it. I confess I hold those matters very light but your case is very different. Your previous promotions have put you in so deep, in what I cannot but regard as sheer mummery, not to say foolery, that is perhaps more easy to go through than return, & I think if I wasere in your condition I should be inclined to see the whole of it; and it may as you say be useful in other respects. No offence to your order of course. 

The appointments of the Printers will be made soon, when your <Orleans> case shall be attended to. I could not do it before without putting myself in hot water, & we have enough of that thrustown upon us without seeking more. Not however a great deal more than I consider beneficial to a healthful political state. 

I noticed the extravagant comparison of our quondam friend between the relative importance of the Union & the American System, but indiscretions in that quarter are so common that they seem to pass without observation. Unless we are extremely unfortunate we shall make them look very foolish before a twelve months pass over their heads. 

I was grieved to hear from Mr Cambreleng that Mrs Livingston is was out of health & would be much gratified to learn that she is better. The President I really believe never was in better health or spirits. He feels that the machine is fairly under way & is pleased with its action, which gives him a degree of satisfaction that ^which the vexations incident to^ petty squabbles & small <I> concerns cannot impair. Remember me kindly to Mrs. L. & Miss Cora & to my friend Major Davezac & believe me to be 

very truly yours




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Source: NjP Princeton University
Collection: Edward Livingston Papers, 1683-1877 (NjP)
Series: Series 6 (4 March 1829-3 March 1833)