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MVB to [Benjamin] Mooers, 21 September 1819

My dear Sir,

Will you be so good as to have one of the enclosed papers served for me on Mr Luther & let him admit the service of the other & return it to me? I am sorry to trouble you but know no person at Plattsburgh who I think would take more satisfaction in obliging me.

I am happy to learn that we think alike on the subject of the approaching political contest & was highly flattered by the information which I received that the conduct of the <committee> in my humble case had some tendency to satisfy you of the hostile views of his excellency towards the Republican party. With the same opportunities of Judging that we who were nearer the scene of action had you would have been satisfyed as early as we were, that Mr Clinton was incapable or unwilling to reciprocate the magnamity of the Republican party by an entire sacrafice of old prejudices at the shrine of the public good. But that on the contrary the vain & foolish project of raising a new party to be composed of the supple & interested of the former parties was early planned and steadily pursued. It is passing strange that political men will so perversely reject the benefits of experience. Such however has been the conduct of Mr Clinton & such the conduct of some who have gone before him. It is beyond all doubt true that the Republican party is as well united now as it was in 1804, or in 1807 & that the result of the ensuing election will be as glorious as it was at either of those periods.

Our old friend the Vice President you see is once more made the victim of abuse & persecution, but rest assured that he will as heretofore rise from the contest with encreased credit. I understand his controversy with the comptroller in all its details and pledge myself that in due season his conduct & Character will be vindicated from all the aspersions which have been cast upon it.

Yours very since[rely]


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Source: NPlaU State University of New York, College at Plattsburgh
Collection: Bailey-Moore Family Correspondence (NPlaU)
Series: Series 3 (17 February 1815-2 December 1821)