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MVB to J[ohn] P[eter] V[an] N[ess], 27 December 1802

Dear Friend,

I wrote you some time ago in answer to a Letter which I received fr[o]m you, fearfull howev[er] that It may ^not^ have reached you, and wishing to relieve the solicitude you, express for my Welfare, I have thought proper to write you again to inform you that I am at present foll[owin]g [m]y pursuing my studies with you[r] Brother where I shall Continue till you come to this place, if that should not be too late in the spring. I like my situation extremely well, & am fully satisfyed that one month spent in this place is worth a year in Kinderhook.

I have heard from Kinderhook since I have been here, the Liberty pole has been cut down in the night, the proper time for a party to act whose secret motives have been so fully exploded, that the light of Day becomes painfull to them. The Presidents Message is very well liked here by the friends of virtue & a good goverment, It is so Inteligible, so forcible & so true that it has completely confided^ounded^ the Feds, & has filled their breasts with shame & mortification. I would be extremely happy to receive a Letter from you, but do not think I wish you to eng occupy your Time in writing to me w[h]en ye it would Interfere with your private or public Concerns

With Sentiments of Respect &

Esteem your sincere Friend

in haste

Martin Van Buren Jnr

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Source: MoSHi Missouri Historical Society
Collection: Presidents Collection, 1802-1969 (MoSHi)
Series: Series 1 (5 December 1782-31 December 1811)