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MVB to John Vernon Henry, 1 November 1817

1815 April <To> Costs on foreclosure of two mortgage to the State $60.00
  Or By so much consented by Mr Van Veghten to be charged with 16.00
  2 years Interest 6.16



You will recollect that the deeds on the above foreclosure were delivered to you & that Mr Hill was to leave with you the amount of the costs. They have to this moment not been paid. Understanding that the reason of their not being paid was that Mr Hill had paid for the same service in advance to Mr Hildrith & that Mr Van Veghten having accounts with Mr Hildrith had engaged with Mr Hill to secure that demand for him, or something to that effect, I have made application to Mr V.V. Who not having been able <to> to arrange the business with the executors of Hildrith has consented to deduct the portion of the Costs which were coming to him & that only. Will you permit me to trouble you to write to Mr Hill on the subject or to speak to him if as I am advised he is in town

Yours cordially



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Source: Live Auctioneers
Collection: N/A
Series: Series 3 (17 February 1815-2 December 1821)