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MVB to C[harles] E[dward] Dudley, 25 December 1825

My dear Sir,

I wish you and Ms Dudley a Merry Christmass. If there was any thing of interest here to communicate I would write it, but there is not. People as yet keep themselves, to themselves, and watch the movements of the water. The elements of a determined & ultimately furious opposition are on the spot & wait only for opportunity to be put in motion. If Mr Adams had been here enough to have thrown himself on the Republicans of N york for support in most quarters he would have done well, but he entertained a different view of his interest. We are all in hotch-potch here Republicans & Federalists all so mixed up & confounded that it is difficult to suppose that lines of distinction have ever existed. What is to come out of this time alone can determine. I do not despair of the Republic, and whatever others may do, I mean to hold on to the true faith. Opposition to the nomination of Mr King was substantially withdrawn before they were finally acted upon. Those who were most dissatisfied differed among themselves as to the policy of rejecting Mr King, which it was supposed must necessarily be the effect of rejecting John. Write me often & fully & I will from time to time give you all the information I may think interesting to you. Make my best respects to Mrs. D. Mrs. Miller Mrs. Brinckerhoff & daughter & to my good friend Mr Bleecker & Misses Elizabeth & Catherine

Yours Truly


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Source: N New York State Library
Collection: Tibbits Family Papers (N)
Series: Series 5 (1 January 1825-3 March 1829)