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R[ufus] K[ing] to MVB, 31 January 1820

Private & personal


In my conversations with the S of the N. he has been open & explicit in his opinion, that the V. P. can not decline the nomination without some disadvantage—in these sentiments I am convinced the S of the N. is very sincere. I have not however inferred that he would refuse to be the Candidate shd the V. P. decline. He has not said that in this Case he would accept a nomination—nor has he told me that he would not accept it—and my Persuasion is that he would accept—tho it, is mere inference.

From the delay in my Conference with the V. P. and from the impression which our conversation has made on me, my opinion is that the V. P. will accept shd. no ^further &^ unforeseen objections occur.

He asked me what I thought of Col Troup for Lieut. Gov. I replied he is a good man, but if the great body of the Fdls. are to support Mr. C., the struggle will call for a strong Rally of the Rep. Party, in which <case> Troup wd not suit as his coadjutor—all this in strict personal Confidence.

truly yrs


P. S. I will see Secy. of the Navy tomorrow and tell him frankly not only what passed between me & the V. P. but the substance of even this Confidential note to you

Rufus King Esq


Jany 31/ 20

Rufus King to MVB, 31 January 1820Rufus King to MVB, 31 January 1820Rufus King to MVB, 31 January 1820Rufus King to MVB, 31 January 1820
Source: DLC Library of Congress
Collection: MVB Papers (DLC)
Series: Series 3 (17 February 1815-2 December 1821)