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You will perceive by our papers of to-day what the County Convention did last week. A high compliment was passed upon you and a strong expression of disapprobation of Clinton's administration, given. Every exertion is making to call up the spirits of our friends, but tho' most of them are... Continue Reading
You will ^have^ doubtless remember that when at your room ^Louis's^ during the sitting of the supreme court you mentioned to me that Chief Justice Spencer had declared to Genl. Brown that there was no longer a ^the^ republican party no longer existed ^as such^ & that henceforth our Citizens... Continue Reading
An election of a chief magistrate for this state of more than ordinary interest is approaching. The Republican members of our Legislature have nominated Daniel D. Tompkins as their candidate for that station. A leading motive (independent of his fitness for the station) which has induced to this... Continue Reading
Our Sufferings owing to the rascality of deputy Postmasters is intolerable and cries aloud for relief we find it absolutely impossible to penetrate the interior with our papers and unless we can alarm them by two or three prompt removals there is no limiting the injurious consequences that may... Continue Reading
Your last Draft for $125 was yesterday presented to me & I was under the necessity of giving my note for it payable at the Bank in sixty days which I hope you will not fail to take up. I wish you would without giving yourself any uneasiness enable me to realise the advances made last Winter. I... Continue Reading
I am almost ashamed to write you after so long neglecting it, but if ever a poor devil had excuses good & numerous it is me. Untill three or four weeks since I have laboured with holy zeal and almost more than human Industry to rid this devoted State of a Junta which sit like the night mare... Continue Reading
I have waited a few days to answer your letter in the hope that I might be able to say something more than general declarations of friendship and a strong desire to serve you <illegible> to but I have waited in vain, I do not know at this moment of any precise manner in which I we could serve... Continue Reading
I feel gratefull for your attention to my concerns in regard t[o t]he base attack made on me in the Statesman. The last No. in that paper is so contemptible that my friends think it would unworthy of further notice, but as I cannot know when or in what shape the malice of my enemies may induce them... Continue Reading
On this motion, debate ensued, between Messrs. JOHNSTON of Louisiana, TAZEWELL, MACON, HOLMES, BERRIEN, SMITH of Maryland, SILSBEE, and WOODBURY, when Mr. BENTON observed, that, unless he saw some probability that the Senate would act effectually upon this bill—as it was too late to continue the... Continue Reading
Accept my thanks for your civility, in sending me the proceedings of the republican meeting at albany; but I am so much engaged on a farm, and so little learned in the grand affair of making presidents, as not to be able to understand their future consequences or present bearing. Besides, I employ... Continue Reading