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The crisis in my destination has arrived I last evening received a letter from President offering me the place of Secretary of the Navy I have slept one night upon it. Thought upon it during the day. Resolved—doubted—Reresolved and doubted again. Am much in want, of grave, and prudent advisers. The... Continue Reading
You have received a letter from my friend the C J.; which informes you what is about to happen. This opens to you, in the most inviting manner, the place of Judge if you will accept it. And, will you accept it? It seems to me, in the best view, which I can take of the subject, and estimating as... Continue Reading
That I have been remiss in not writing to you oftener is most true but that you should from thence infer the least change in my affection for you would be most unjust, for if there ever was any subject on which there has been with me neither change nor shadow of turning it has is that of a steady... Continue Reading
I have not heard from you in a long time. I am fearful Mrs Van Burens indisposition is the cause. I have made inquiries about her whenever I could see any body from your quarter. Should have written you often but really my confinement in Court and my perplexity about what is before me have so taken... Continue Reading
I adjourned my Court yesterday, and shall now begin to prepare as speedily as possible to set my face to the south, my appointment has been unanimously confirmed by the Senate. I have occasionally misgivings on the subject, but it is now too late to look back, but must keep a good look out ahead.... Continue Reading
Our friend Mr. Watson desires some appointment for his Nephew Capt. Watson in your department. I have not the pleasure of a personal acquaintance with Capt Watson but am persuaded that Mr. Watson's recommendation will receive full credit with you according to its import. Knowing that it will be... Continue Reading
I have been extremely busy for some time preparing to set my face to the south. My present calculation is to leave here on monday in company with the Vice President, Commodore Chauncy &c. Speculations and conjectures are afloat as to the Judge to be placed on the Bench. The Feds. are for some... Continue Reading
Reflecting upon the occurrance of last evening, Mr. Mc. In[t]yres case ought to have been brought up by me in a very diferent manner from what it was, assurances ought then to have been required that he should not be amoved from his office, by the Council about to be made, I feel a strong... Continue Reading
You tell me, my friend, that I must excuse you for not writing; and at the same time, you refer me to your letter to our common friend. <Tho'> as kind as it is delicate. I have seen that letter, and have perused it, at length. I perceive the delicacies and perplexities of the situation, in... Continue Reading
I have just received your letter of the 17th. and feel myself justly exposed to the gentle reproof you give me for not writing before. But I do assure you, I have had my hands full here I found the business of my office some what behind hand, and being unacquainted with the details it has taken me... Continue Reading