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After a frank & friendly communication with our friend General Peter B. Porter relative to a successor to Govr. Tompkins, I am happy to inform you that altho’ he still feels the full force of the objections stated in his letter to you of the 14th int. Yet if such should be the State of things... Continue Reading
I received this afternoon your favor of the 4th inst. You will have perceived by the public papers, that the information of General Porters consenting to stand as a candidate for the office of Governor, had been already received in this City. I attended the public dinner, given on the 4th in honor... Continue Reading
On my return & since I have seen many of my friends both in this County & Onendago, who feel great solicitude on the question of Governor nomination, and I am perfectly satisfied that public opinion in this quarter has undergone a great change since the time I left home. Instead of the... Continue Reading
Genl P. B. Porter arrived here last evening—will be with you on thursday or friday at farthest He is as firm as the Hills and openly says he will serve if nominated & elected, he scouts the Idea of withdrawing his name, you may quote me for the truth of this. We are uncommonly united in this... Continue Reading
This goodly City is in uproar on the subject of a branch of the U. States bank. I have endeavoured to keep out of the solicitude which the contemplated measure has excited but the suggestion that you would probably consent to accept the situation of Cashier has induced me to take an Interest in the... Continue Reading
The undersigned Republican members of the Senate and assembly from the middle district having Witnessed with regret three Republican nominations for the Senate from that district viz Charles E Dudley from the County of Albany, yourself from the County of Otsego & John T. More from the County of... Continue Reading
It was not in my power to meet you when in Albany in a way that gave me an opportunity of conversing with you on a subject which, you will readily believe, has some importance with me. I mean my restoration to office, which derives its consequence from the admitted fact that it is in the power of... Continue Reading
A more ceremonious but less honest friend would detain you by a string of laboured excuses for not writing you before of which probably one half would be founded in fiction. I will do no such thing, you know what a winter is to me & your good sense if accompanyed with good feeling will long... Continue Reading
In forwarding the within, I think it my duty to add, whatever information I can give in relation to the enclosed letter. The writer is the present Attorney General of this state & intimately acquainted with its politicks & its wishes. He has stated truly, that it was accident that first... Continue Reading
I received by the last mail your letter of the 5th. Inst. & join with you in some little degree of surprise at the extraordinary reserve of the President. Tho I have not yet received an answer to my letter still I believed that others had been more fortunate & that some moderation of his... Continue Reading