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The Senate proceeded to consider, as in committee of the whole, the bill allowing fees to the District Attorney of Missouri, when, after some debate, in which Messrs. VAN BUREN, BARTON, EATON, and BENTON, took part, the bill was, on motion of Mr. Eaton, ordered to lie on the table.
Mr. VAN BUREN, from the Committee on the Judiciary, to whom was referred the bill abolishing imprisonment for debt, reported the same.
Foreseeing that it would not be practicable for me to attend to the argument of the Eden cause here, I gave Mr Griswold notice thereof, & advised him to see that Webster was secured. I am happy to find that that has been done. All the assistance I can give him, by way of conference, it will be... Continue Reading
Mr. VAN BUREN, from the Committee on the Judiciary, to whom the resolution was referred, authorizing the purchase of a certain number of copies of the Journals of Congress, from 1774 to 1788, reported it without amendment.
The debate had continued between two and three hours, when Mr. Talbot had concluded; and Mr. VAN BUREN, (chairman of the committee who made the report,) expressing a desire to submit his views in its support, asked to be indulged until to-morrow, as the hour was now late, and moved to lay the... Continue Reading
On motion of Mr. VAN BUREN, who wished to give some gentlemen further opportunity of examining the case, who desired to participate in the discussion of it, the report on the petition of the New England Mississippi Land Company was postponed until tomorrow.
Mr. VAN BUREN presented a memorial from the Chamber of Commerce in New York, praying that a department may be established connected with the custom house, to attend to that portion of the business which related to drawbacks. Referred to the Secretary of the Treasury.
I wrote you a long letter the other day but burnt it in consequence of its having been delayed but one day and that short period having worked an almost entire revolution in the State of things here. At present our affairs are situated thus. Clay & his friends have settled down for Adams. This... Continue Reading
Mr. VAN BUREN thought that the government was called upon to afford the same protection to these people, who were engaged in a foreign trade, that was extended to those of the other parts of the Union. The only questions were, whether this trade existed, and whether it was a trade according to the... Continue Reading
I am about to ask a Favor of you in behalf of an unfortunate Son of mine-he is confined as a Prisoner at Pernambuco in South America, and I fear for his Life as well as personal Liberty. The circumstances of his case are as follows-he sailed as Second mate in a merchant vessel from this point in... Continue Reading