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I received yours of Tuesday last, and should have waited for the arrival of the one you intimated you should soon write, if I did not deem it of importance to call the attention of our friends at Albany to the question of Presidency, without delay. Our Delegation are likely to fall into an... Continue Reading
You will accept my acknowledgments for your very to me flattering letter of the 13th instant. I hope you have so recovered your health as to be able to resume your seat at Albany, where your presence seems much wanted. There was last evening a meeting of our Delegation to consider the Resolutions... Continue Reading
     The Presidential question, so far as it may depend on the members of Congress, is undoubtedly, approaching its crisis. A caucus was convened on Tuesday evening last, by an anonymous notice, which was issued very unexpectedly. Nothing was done, but to authorise another caucus. Fifty seven... Continue Reading
The decision was made last evening 65 for Monroe 54 for Crawford, 85 for Tompkins Vice Prest 30 for Snyder. On Friday evening Monroe’s friends held a meeting & resolved to attend the caucus & prevent a nomination. Accordingly as soon as the meeting was organized Mr. Clay moved a resolution... Continue Reading
Extract from Dallas report of 19th March 1816 "Although the success of these measures is not in any degree doubted, it may be proper to add that, if it ever shall become necessary to increase their force, provision might be made, under the constitutional power of Congress, to subject all banks and... Continue Reading
In answer to your letter of yesterday I can only give you rather general information. Our prospects are favorable from every quarter. Increased majorities compared with the last Governor election. In Albany K. has 602 majority. You have 26 less than the other Republican candidates. This shameful... Continue Reading
I do not remember why the cause ^of Wheeler^ was put off. They must know that. Wigram is the Witness to the lease & as such is certainly necessary if they will not admit the execution which I presume they will. There has always been great uncertainty as to what the Ptff. claims & I do not... Continue Reading
The Letter signed by the Chief Justice Mr Cantine & yourself, requesting me to meet Mr T. at Philadelphia on the 12th Inst. was handed to me, by Judge VanNess, on saturday evening. The situation of my business absolutely forbids my leaving Washington before the 13th on the morning of which day... Continue Reading
On the 10th. Inst. I addressed a line to Mr Van Buren, acknowledging the favour receipt of your letter of the 3rd, and engaging to meet Mr Tillotson at Philadelphia on the 14th foreseeing, at that time, nothing in the state of my business, which would prevent my leaving Washington this morning. My... Continue Reading
Permit me to rejoice for myself & the State, that your indisposition is so far removed as to <permit> suffer you to resume your seat in the Senate, & your attentions to your friends. That I am so flatteringly estimated in that number is peculiarly gratifying to me, as I can see in it... Continue Reading