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You ask me to explain the indecisive course pursued by Congress. It is easily done, The cause is found in two words Constitution & Pride In regard to the Bank, there are about 25 Representatives favourable to the administration who stand committed against the constitutional power of Congress to... Continue Reading
I have received your letter of the 25th, and I immediately sit down to answer it. It is most unfortunate, that the Court Martial should take you from Albany, where you may be most wanted. I cannot help wishing the Court Martial to the devil, and you, some more pleasant and profitable employment,... Continue Reading
As yours without date was recd you might naturally conclude I should not wait until this [. . .] day to wish you a happy New Year but [. . .] I have as many employments as would befit a prime minister to a necromancer and am often forced from an Epistolary Confab with a friend by the infinite... Continue Reading
You ask why letters were written in your ^my^ behalf for Senator, to members in different parts of the State & the matter kept a profound secret from my friend. My only answer is that they were written without my knowledge & that I did not desire the appointment. Some of my friends here... Continue Reading
Mr Sanford has recommended to you Roger Skinner Esqr. to supply the vacancy in the office of District Attorney for the State of Newyork produced by the ^his (Mr Sanfords)^ appointment of Mr Sanford to the Senate of the United States. I take the liberty of uniting with him in the recommendation of... Continue Reading
I am much indebted to you for the continuation of our correspondence, and, expecting, daily, for some months past, to escape from the trifling & vexatious duties which occupied me, I intended, seizing, the first moments’ leisure to make you an apology for my apparent neglect. In your letter of... Continue Reading
I have made arrangements for the payment of to <Mr> King the amount of his a/c you will therefore give yourself no further trouble on that Subject. I find there is no such thing as getting you to attend to Small matters now, and must therefore proceed to revive the Judgt against John [. . .]... Continue Reading
I have been solicited to lend my aid in procuring Mr. S. Southwick the appointment of postmaster here. Not knowing a person at Washington. to whom I could write. I suggested the expediency of obtaining your influence, upon which I was desired to write you a line. For what particular purpose I cant... Continue Reading
I should have written you at an earlier day had any thing essentially interesting occurred, since you left Washington. We have never till within a few days been able to ascertain what course would eventually be taken by those in the abstract opposed to Virginia’s giving us another President. You... Continue Reading
I duly received your letter of the 10th Instant. I called twice at your lodgings before you left Washington but was so unfortunate as not to find you in. One object which rendered me desirous to converse with you was to have obtained your advice on the subject of selecting a Candidate for the next... Continue Reading