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I have assertained that “Tom” a black man who you purchaised of <Fesburgh> & who quit you some 10 years since is now in the neighbourhood of Worcester Ms. There is yet some time before he is free as he is of that class which will be free July 4th 1827. He was when young a slave of my... Continue Reading
I have written to Mr Addison Porter on the subject of your letters. The ground is in a great degree preoccupied but not absolutely so. I will do him all the service I consistently can & have written particularly the state of things and advised which was left to be done. I have a sincere regard... Continue Reading
Now, as heretofore, I will not suffer the warm current of my friendship for you to be checked by the character & kind of your associate#. If I can be of any service in the affair you allude to It will give me pleasure to be so; though I thereby necessarily serve the bitterest enemy I, probably... Continue Reading
Mr. RUGGLES and Mr. VAN BUREN advocated the justice and equity of the claim. It had twice passed the House, but had not got through both Houses for want of time. The claim was originally for 7,000 dollars, but had been reduced to the sum now proposed, of $3,110, to which the petitioners were fairly... Continue Reading
The Senate having resumed the consideration of the bill “to abolish imprisonment for debt,” The first part of the first section of the bill being as follows:-“That no bail or security for the appearance of any defendant or defendants shall hereafter be required upon the service of the original, or... Continue Reading
The bill for the relief of Thomas L. Ogden, and others, was again taken up, and, after some further debate, in which Mr. VAN BUREN zealously supported the claim, the bill was ordered to a third reading.
Mr. VAN BUREN, from the Committee on the Judiciary, reported a bill to authorize the issuing of letters patent to Adolphus G. Trott; which was read, and ordered to be passed to a second reading.
Mr Winne has written me on the subject of a consulship in S. America & having lost his address I am under the necessity of troubling you with the answer. Mr Adams called upon me this morng & told me that for most of the commercial places in that region Consuls had already been appointed,... Continue Reading
Too faint to read on microfilm.
Mr. VAN BUREN, from the Committee on the Judiciary, reported a bill allowing fees to the District Attorney of Missouri; which was read.