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$225 Sixty days after date for Value recd. I promise to payBbenjamin Birdsal in order two hundred & twenty five Dollars for Value rcd. Decr 27th 1813
For value received I promise to pay Martin Van Buren and Stephen Miller on Order three thousand & thirty Dollars 25/100 thirty days after date. 1st Jany 1814
Having been very recently appointed Special Judge advocate for the trial of Genl Hull and no officer of ^any^ very considerable rank or information in the North western army having as yet arrived in this City, I am considerably embarrased in making the arrangements preparatory to the trial. With a... Continue Reading
The President of the United States having ordered a General Court Martial for the Trial of Gen. Hull, and it being suggested that your Evidence will be material in the case, I am authorised and directed to Summon you immediately to appear, on behalf of the United States, before the General Court... Continue Reading
In submitting for your approbation and support, the designation contained in the proceedings of a meeting of the Republican Delegation from the Middle District, herewith published, we take the liberty of addressing a word to you on the important subject to which it relates. In doing so, it can... Continue Reading
Mr Joseph Kline Bot. of T. OH Croswell 15 Shares Hudson Bank Stock $5 225 85 pr Cent advance— 191.25 Rd payment 416.25
The Court have for the trial of Genl. Wm. Hull were formed on the 13 3d. Inst. & adjourned to the 5th. when the Witnesses were called & but four viz [intentionally blank] attended the court has again adjourned untill the 12th. Inst. Mr VBur has accepted his appointmt & has entered upon... Continue Reading
I have your Letter and shall act in all things conformable to your expectations having been absent 3 months in Ohio Kentucky & Indiana territory I have almost forgotten that I had the honor of a Seat in the Senate of New York, but the Proclamation which convenes us on the 26th. will enable me... Continue Reading
I thank you for the message communicated by our mutual friend Mr Targee. It is a source of high gratification to me to find one of the first and earliest ^strongest^ pillars of the Republican party still firm on its base & prepared to sustain that large portion of the political edifice which... Continue Reading
Since the Day of my return, I have been so much occupied with cases growing out of the circuit—with answers in Chancery and other Matters which could not be turned over to Clerks, that not a second was devoted to your Subject⁠—Yesterday was sent a scrawl which will scarcely pay for the trouble of... Continue Reading