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This will be handed to you by Mr. Corlis of this City who goes in our behalf as a Witness He will prove satisfactorily all you want. The death of Walter Franklin his heirs &c and thereby enable you to sustain all your suits except those for the Hake Lots. I send you the following deeds which I... Continue Reading
From the circumstance of a quantity of the Stock of our Bank Stock having been sold at a very large advance, I have reason to believe that attempts will be made ^by^ a few Individuals to obtain the sole controul of the Institution. Should any attempts be made to obtain a <moderation> or... Continue Reading
A Summons has been sent to you for a man by the name of Hyer as a Witness in the cause of the U. States <agt>. Wm Genl Wm. Hull. To enable you the more the readily to discover him I enclose you ^a copy of^ the original Letter to the Secretary at War in consequence of which he was directed to... Continue Reading
Sheer necessity must be my apology for attempting to impress you for once into the service of a correspondent, for the want of my accustomed number of which I am almost in a state of starvation for political news from Albany. I am now just about as ignorant of what is, may, or ought to be doing at... Continue Reading
The great service and gratification afforded me by your letter demand[ed] my warmest thanks, and merited my acknowledgements before this. Accident has prevented my writing for two or three days past. You will have perceived that I made liberal use of it, but the writer is not known, and no... Continue Reading
What, my Friend, is to be the state of politics? I do not like their present appearances. If we tie ourselves to the General Administration we shall go down with disgrace. Does Gov. Tompkins & Judge Tayler mean to lend a hand to our destruction and put themselves in lending strings to Madison... Continue Reading
Your address will appear in the Advocate some day previous to Wednesday next and on that day will go out in the country Paper issued by that establishment. I told the Printer that the whole of it must appear in one Paper, and that it must not be broken up in pieces, which always injures the effect... Continue Reading
I received your favour with the Inclosure. The various pieces for publication presented from all parts of the state prevented an Insertion in our paper. Our Accounts from the North & west are very flattering. J W Taylor from Saratoga mentions that they will do well. Mr Tiffany from Schoharie,... Continue Reading
Fifty five days after date for Value Recd I promise to pay Jacob Van Ness on Order at the Bank of Hudson Six Hundred Dollars December 9th 1813
$1012 50/100 On or before the first day of January next I promise to pay Stephen Hogeboom or bearer Ten Hundred Twelve dollars 50/100 for Value Recie'd Stephen Miller Stock purchased by Stephen Miller of Stephen Hogeboom 50 Shares paid - - - - - $1012.50 Interest - - - - -  5 90     $1018–40... Continue Reading