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For the mutual accommodation of the public officers and creditors in your neighborhood, and of yourself and the Treasury Department, I propose hereafter to direct warrants in their favor to yourself, for payment, when desired by them. It will be in your power, also, before a warrant is obtained by... Continue Reading
I have received yours the 23d. Istant of the date of 18th. Instant, ^you^ request me to inform you whether it would be convenient for me to advance you Some money, in an[sw]er I must inform you that money is very Scarse in the Country, it is impossible for me to get any from those against I have... Continue Reading
         I have this moment received yours of the 20th Inst. with mixed emotions of Pleasure and Pain, the former produced by the birth & safe delivery of your daughter, the later by the Illness of your very estimable lady. I do most sincerely hope that she may soon ^recover^ that health and... Continue Reading
I have this day Recd. a Line from Mr. Jacob Van Ness, in which he expresses your solicitude and anxiety on account of your Brothers name not being included in the list of Counsellors admitted in our last August Term. I embrace the earliest oppertunity to remove your apprehensions on this head.... Continue Reading
Extracts of a letter from the Board of Navy Commissioners to the Honble Benjamin Crowninshield, Sec. of the Navy–dated Feb. 11th 1817— The Commissioners of the Navy have the honor to return the list of candidates for promotion on the merits and qualifications of whom their opinion was requested in... Continue Reading
On the subject of the last paragraph of your letter of the 11th inst. I request you will be pleased to furnish me, as early as your convenience will permit, with a list of such Midshipmen as in the opinion of the Board of Commissioners, have equal claims with those named in the list which I... Continue Reading
The Commissioners have the honor to comply with your request in sending you a list of Midshipmen whose warrants were dated previous to the year 1812 and who either from their own knowledge or from their register of officers they believe to be qualified for promotion. 1810– Edward Dowse... Continue Reading
I wrote you some time ago since which I have not heard from you, I leave this place in two Weeks for Newyork in order for my Examinations at which place my engagements are positive, predicated on our arrangements. Those engagements I mentioned particularly in my last. This state of suspense is very... Continue Reading
I have been informed since my arrival in this part of the Country that you have become a zealous advocate for the Clintonian party, those ene[mie]s to the Republican interest & the general welfare. In addressing you it is unnecessary to enter into a discussion of this subject. You know that Mr... Continue Reading
         Knowing your solicitude for the success of our cause I hasten to communicate to you the proceedings of a meeting we had in the Town of Claverack yesterday which if it does not satisfy you of the probability of our success in this county will at least shew that we deserve it.          I... Continue Reading