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"I notice the remark in your letter (to Genl Root of 20th Decemr) concerning Mr Clay. I have a high respect for that Gentlemans Character. His talents, and public services, entitle him to the honors which He has already received; and He could, in my opinion, do himself infinite credit, by yielding... Continue Reading
Mr. Van Buren, from the Committee on the Judiciary, reported the bill supplementary to an act to relieve certain persons from prison, with the amendment thereto, as adopted by the House of Representatives.
Mr. Van Buren, from the Committee on the Judiciary, to which were referred, on the 10th instant, the petitions of Jonathan H. Lambdin, William Hill, and Abraham V. Matson, reported a bill, supplementary to the act, entitled "An act for the relief of persons imprisoned for debt;" and the bill was... Continue Reading
Mr. Van Buren then introduced the following resolution: Resolved, by the Senate and House of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following amendment of the Constitution of the United States be proposed to the Legislatures of the several States: The Electors of President and... Continue Reading
Mr. Van Buren, of New York, rose and said, that pursuant to the notice he had heretofore given, he would now ask leave to introduce a resolution proposing an amendment of the Constitution of the United States on the subject of the election of President and Vice President of the United States.... Continue Reading
I thank you for your last. I read such parts of it as were proper to Mr Crawford, who is fast improving in his health and prospects. Write me often, and let some of your letters be such as it may be proper to show to him. By referring to the Journals of 1800, March, you will find that the... Continue Reading
The course you are taking at Albany has been a source of the highest gratification to every honest democrat here. The opinion is universal that a refusal on the part of the Legislature to repeal the electoral law would settle the Presidential question and bring in the freinds of Mr Clay and Mr... Continue Reading
The article Phocion is written by the Presidnts son in law. When such sentiments are fulminated from the Palace you cannot be surprised that there should be apostacy among the Subjects. There are however thank god sound men enough to save the party if they are well sustained from the north.
The enclosed will shew you the fate of my application in behalf of your brother. I am very sorry that it is as it is. Your representative has got quite right in all things. He received a letter from your representative which was well timed. We shall have a caucus on the 14th Feby. The greatest... Continue Reading
The allowance of interest was opposed by Messrs. Lanman, Holmes, of Maine, Macon, and Van Buren, on the ground that the claim had not been before presented, and that the same principle which had been adopted in the settlement of other claims, of a similar nature, should be preserved in this case.... Continue Reading