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At the suggestion of Gen. Ellis, we would inform you that the "Gazette; and Onondaga Advertiser," a republican newspaper was issued from our office on the 24th inst. and has already an extensive circulation. To advertising customers, it presents superior advantages; and this consideration, added to... Continue Reading
It appears on examination, that the lots of Delancy were sold by the commissioners of the State, to John Hembrow—an Englishman who came from on board a British Ship of war, soon after the peace of 1783—that he occupied the said land as a Garden for a Short time—was then convicted of Forgery and... Continue Reading
Will you be so good as to have one of the enclosed papers served for me on Mr Luther & let him admit the service of the other & return it to me? I am sorry to trouble you but know no person at Plattsburgh who I think would take more satisfaction in obliging me. I am happy to learn that we... Continue Reading
There are some men, who are always the dupes of their own vanity, and who like a squirrel in a rotary cage, or a horse in a Troy Team-Boat, really think that they are in a state of advancement, when they have made no progress at all. This is emphatically your case. Under the influence of a sanguine... Continue Reading
In all discomfitures and defeats, whether political, civil, or military, the blame will necessarily be imputed to the chief of the enterprise or undertaking. Within a few years, you have arrived to factitious importance, and the eye of curiosity and criticism has, for some time, been fixed upon you... Continue Reading
The crisis of our fate is rapidly approaching. Already do we experience the diminution of our numbers and the falling of off wise and good men. Even Dudley begins to shake in the wind—and to inquire, like his original in the fable, whether, if the enemy succeeds, his fate will be rendered worse or... Continue Reading
If I were to confine my views to you in the abstract, without reference to analogous cases, which constantly occur, I should not hesitate to consider your present standing in the community, a moral paradox—a political phenomenon. When I take the gauge and dimensions of your intellectual endowments... Continue Reading
I hope you will not fail to lay before your readers, the very interesting letter from Chancellor Kent to Mr. Hoffman. It cannot fail to be highly gratifying to every real friend of the judiciary, and well wisher of the chancellor. They have witnessed with regret the unceasing attempts which have... Continue Reading
Yours directed to me at NYork was duly received & its contents attended to. Having long since established a perpetual non-intercourse with the man your business was with, it was somewhat difficult of accomplishment. He had entered a default agt. you which he agreed to wave & I prepared your... Continue Reading
Will you be so good as to make for me to the Inspectors of Court my gratefull acknowledgments for their favour in overestimating the little service it was in my power to render them & to express to them my high sense of the patriotism which actuat[. . .] townsmen & themselves at the late... Continue Reading