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I have arived at Utica & I called on Mr. Kirklen & he informed me you had not sent him notice for trial I hope that it will not go by this Court as it has been many years since it has been in agitation & some of the witnesses is already dead and some have mooved at great distences and... Continue Reading
I have Bought out the James Ville Iron & Woollin factory Company in James Ville in the town of Manlius in the Countey of Onondaga & am Informed that there is a mortgage on the premises in favor of the peopal of the State of New york for the Sum of four-thousand five hundred dollars and that... Continue Reading
Your unexpected departure prevented my making you acquainted with the merits of my defence agt. Clarks suit. That no unnecessary delay may take place I authorize you to agree to submit it to any person you think proper, & to appoint a time for the hearing. Let it be however sufficiently far... Continue Reading
I Bleave you had Best give Sharman a judgement to save cost tacking out one 72 Dolar note which is not his due if By any means you can com to sum agreament with him Sharman or Vledick Respecting a two hundred Dolars not which Sharman & my self Invest for Vledack which has Ben sued twice Before... Continue Reading
I have recd. a communication from Dr. Adams one of our Members of Assembly in which he states that Elijah Mann Junr. has confidentially written to you requesting the Sale on a Mortgage of the East half of Lot No. 73=Onondaga Reservation, which Mortgage was originally given by me, and that you do... Continue Reading
The defendant in this cause applied to me to get some assistance. He has no defence in the above suit but wishes the circumstances & situation of the business to be known & thinks he shall not be further prosecuted. The lien he purchased was shortly after the purchase & after he had... Continue Reading
I must ask a little further indulgence from you in the payment of the demands of the state agt me, say, till the first of April. I depended on some money being ready for in albany before this, but it is not paid yet—great complaint of scarcity of money there. It is excessively scarce here. I can... Continue Reading
At the suggestion of Gen. Ellis, we would inform you that the "Gazette; and Onondaga Advertiser," a republican newspaper was issued from our office on the 24th inst. and has already an extensive circulation. To advertising customers, it presents superior advantages; and this consideration, added to... Continue Reading
There are some men, who are always the dupes of their own vanity, and who like a squirrel in a rotary cage, or a horse in a Troy Team-Boat, really think that they are in a state of advancement, when they have made no progress at all. This is emphatically your case. Under the influence of a sanguine... Continue Reading
In all discomfitures and defeats, whether political, civil, or military, the blame will necessarily be imputed to the chief of the enterprise or undertaking. Within a few years, you have arrived to factitious importance, and the eye of curiosity and criticism has, for some time, been fixed upon you... Continue Reading