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This Indenture, Made the seccond day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eight BETWEEN Martin Van Buren & Hannah his Wife of the Town of Kinderhook & County of Columbia of the first part, and Peter Vosburgh of the same place of the second part, WITNESSETH, That... Continue Reading
I have the Bonds with me but have it not in my power to ascertain the ballance due on them, when I spoke to you about a year ago on the subject you offered to give me a Judgment Bond for the amount due which I then from a conviction that it was unnecessary and not being compelled by absolute... Continue Reading
Mr. Stone of this city has applyed to me to assist him in my professional capacity to recover satisfaction for an Injury which he supposes his horse received while in your employ. He has submitted to my perusal a correspondence betwen yourself & him on the subject from which it appears that an... Continue Reading
Yours of the 30th. ultimo was duly rcd. proceed agt. Lot 73 Milton. I will obtain the necessary information respecting 57 Sempronius & advise you of it. I wish an Interview with the Surveyor general respecting the lots you wrote about before which circumstances has prevented, when that takes... Continue Reading
I received your several communications at Newyork & was highly gratifyed with their contents—for although they did not bring tidings of complete success they afforded the most satisfactory evidence that the desired result must take place at the great & interesting election which takes place... Continue Reading
I am here a few days for health & pleasure & embrace the leisure produced by it to drop you a line. Some time since I rcd. a letter from you on the subject of the Collectorship at Buffalo. I did not write to Mr Crawford as you suggested & have been very remiss in not before explaining... Continue Reading
I have not written you as often as I ought but I know you will excuse me. I have been much from home & for the last month confidently expected to see you at Court in which I was greatly disappointed. There is a radical difference between us, while I on the one hand am over-sanguine &... Continue Reading
I now enclose you the circular, it will not be circulated untill about the first of December. I am persuaded it will draw off a few. I belive we shall get the council & am desirous that you shall not so far commit yourself that it would not be in the power of the members to take you, there are... Continue Reading
After mature examination & reflection I have engaged lodgings for you & Mrs. Evans at Mrs. Rockwells & I venture the regard of Mrs. E. upon the propriety of my choice. You have a large room very well furnished, a small bed room adjoining & Board for yourself & Mrs Evans &... Continue Reading
I have last evening returned from a roving Jaunt every where & lastly from Newyork where your friends entertain the same affectionate regard for you ^and Mrs. Evans^ they were want to do. Mrs. Livingston & Mrs. Hunter will spend the Winter in Albany & insist on Mrs. Evans doing so also... Continue Reading