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I this moment recd. Notice from the Sherriff of a Suit in the Supreme Court, which I presume has originated in my omiting to pay up the Interest on my Loan. I am mortified at the circumstance, which has originated in the extent of my manuftg business, in the extreme high price of Cotton for the... Continue Reading
I address you on a subject very interesting on my part Conserning alot of Land that Mr Obidiah Cooledge of bid of at vendue April the 20. 1815 it being lot No 8 Malloreys tract the L Coolidge was imployed and payed by the propietors to go forward and bid the lot for us he being one of the... Continue Reading
The pressure of my engagements since my return must be my apology for not having sooner acknowledged the interesting communications I have recently recd. from you. I sincerely hope you will not fail to make us your long promised visit in the course of the Summer. I can give you more agreeable... Continue Reading
You had my permission to use my name as a committee to call a meeting of our citizens to express their opinion on the Missouri Question, & the propriety of your doing so has not been questioned by me.— You surely cannot suppose, that the use of my name for that purpose, imposed on me an... Continue Reading
I beg you to be assured that my delay in complying with your request is in no degre[e] attributable to a wan[t] of respect for yourself o[r] indifference to the interests of the institution in behal[f] of which you have add[ed] me. Your letter was mislaid immediately aft[er] it was recd. & not... Continue Reading
Communication. The CHANCELLOR has observed that an anonymous writer in the Argus of Tuesday, under the signature of Amicus Juris Consultus, has thought proper to charge him with using some offensive expressions in the course of the discussions which took place in the late Council of Revision.— The... Continue Reading
Through the medium of your paper, I propose, with your permission, to address a series of letters, to the Hon. Martin Van Buren, Vice President of the U. States. It is my wish to bring before the American people, a true history of this gentleman’s career. I shall commence with his early days, and... Continue Reading
you are styled “the Magician.” You are flattered and pleased with the appellation. It is a misnomer. It has tended, however, to increase your influence with the unprincipled office seeker. It has drawn around you a band of mercenaries, who have ministered to your vanity, and pampered an “... Continue Reading
Before proceeding to notice your official acts, I shall, very briefly, recur to two incidents which may be considered indicative of the cast of your mind. You well know, sir, that for a time you was employed in the office of the late Judge William P. Van Ness. You may remember, and if you do not,... Continue Reading
It is not proposed to discuss the merits or demerits of either the friends or the opponents of the late war. So far, however, at the incidents connected with that contest have became a part of the history of our country; and so far as their notice is deemed necessary to a true develpment of your... Continue Reading