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A friend of Mr Ely called yesterday to inform me that the Bill which he had intended to bring into the H of A. for my benefit had been indefinitely postponed by your advice. No doubt you may have very good and very friendly reasons for this advice; but I should have taken it very kind if they had... Continue Reading
At the time, when I addressed the People of the Manor of Livingston and offered a deposit of Five hundred dollars to become yours in the event of my not substantiating the charge then made against you, I expressly limited the time within which the prosecution was to be commenced, that time has long... Continue Reading
In your paper of the 23d. Inst. you state that I am the author of a communication under the Signature of Benjamin Birdsail Junr Esquire which appeared in the Bee of the same date. [. . .] did this charge affect me only I should treat it with the same contempt I have the tissue of misrepresentation... Continue Reading
Your Communication has been handed to me by Mr Morell he is authorised to make arrangements contemplated & [. . .]
Caleb Cornell          To. Joseph Wright of the City of New York. Deed on file dated Sept 26. 1786, Wits. John <Bush> Chas. P. Rogers. Proved by Rogers before <I>. M. Hughes but Grantor not identified. Recorded in the Secretary’s office Decr. 1792. Joseph Wright conveys to.... Continue Reading
On my arrival here I found Mrs Van Ness ill with a sore throat & fever. She continues still so unwell, that I fear it will not be in my power to leave town so early as tuesday, which was my intention when I left you. If Mrs V N should be well enough to justify my absence, I shall leave town... Continue Reading
For fear that any misrepresentations may be made or undue advantage taken respecting of my not attending the meeting at Jonas Millers to day, I think proper to inform you of the manner in which I have ben invited to attend and the reasons of my non-attendance. On, monday last Jacob R. Van... Continue Reading
Yours of the 16th. instant is just recd and I hasten to thank you for the enclosures, which I retain to refute the vagrant falshoods of our noisy worshipers of Hard Cider, logg Cabins & Coons, who have been exulting much that Newyork, South Carolina & Alabama &c &c were horse foot... Continue Reading
The jury, by their special verdict, found, that on the 12th of August, 1811, Barry “did go without the limits, to wit, into the enclosure of one Henry Vrooman, which was formerly included within the liberties of the gaol; but by a subsequent survey, (made, however, before the execution of the bond... Continue Reading
I was in Verona yesterday I was informed Mr Grant was down pertending to buy lot No 157 & Cagwin has sent before thinking to ketch you to make out the state does not own it & there by gain the Cause they contrive allways to avoid Justice this is the Company which has done so much mischief... Continue Reading