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I have refrained from writing you a single Letter, during the present campaign—and I deeply regret, that I should the first one, which I should have to write, would be one, which gives me as much pain to write, as any which ever came from my pen. I need not tell you, Mr. Van Buren, the feelings... Continue Reading
The Dr. & myself have been not a little embarrassed by not seeing or hearing from you. I had shewn him your letter in respect to the payment of $6000 in August & have for the second time made arrangements based upon assurances that I would receive a payment myself, in which I can not be... Continue Reading
Dr. G.W. Westcott, a brother-in-law of our lieutenant governor, and as I am informed, an accomplished Dentist, proposes to spend a short time in Alabama. I have not the pleasure of Dr. Westcott's personal acquaintance: I can only speak upon the information of those who know him, and from whose... Continue Reading
I should do injustice, as well to yourselves, as to the patriotic citizens you represent, and to my own feelings, were I to withhold my grateful acknowledgments for the kind and complimentary terms in which you have been pleased to invite me to attend the mass meeting of the democracy of Northern... Continue Reading
How shall I express the extreme Pleasure I feel when I inform you that I received your kind epistle (Dated the 4th. November) on the 22d Instant In which you say that I would blame you If you did not Improve so favorable an Opportunity to write to an Old Companion an[d] Schoolmate, here you Speak... Continue Reading
Accompaning [wi]th this you will find a Letter which I Wrote Im[medi]ately on the Receipt of yours but failed [. . .]tting an oppertunty this is therefore to Inform you that my mind remains the same as it then was In that I Informed you that Josiah tended C. Silvesters Store I now Inform you that... Continue Reading
A few minutes are offered to me [by] a Kind Stranger to write to you. This oppertunity I embrace Sir with the most heart felt pleasure in order that I might shew you that absence has not as yet worn outt of my mind that Regard which I hope I shall always entertain for you, The Time allowd being so... Continue Reading
This Indenture, Made the seccond day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eight BETWEEN Martin Van Buren & Hannah his Wife of the Town of Kinderhook & County of Columbia of the first part, and Peter Vosburgh of the same place of the second part, WITNESSETH, That... Continue Reading
I have the Bonds with me but have it not in my power to ascertain the ballance due on them, when I spoke to you about a year ago on the subject you offered to give me a Judgment Bond for the amount due which I then from a conviction that it was unnecessary and not being compelled by absolute... Continue Reading
Mr. Stone of this city has applyed to me to assist him in my professional capacity to recover satisfaction for an Injury which he supposes his horse received while in your employ. He has submitted to my perusal a correspondence betwen yourself & him on the subject from which it appears that an... Continue Reading