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I have for some time been on the point of writing to you, on the subject of our State politicks. The time is approaching when concert, & a perfect understanding among those who intend to act against Mr. Clintons election should be established. The pressing calls of my family & professional... Continue Reading
Yours of the 9th. was rcd. during my absence of the Columbia Circuit from which I have just returned. As I shall have the pleasure of seeing you next week it would be superfluous to write at large on the subject of your letter but I cannot omit the expression of the great satisfaction which It has... Continue Reading
Your letter has reached me here in the midst of a circuit & I have but time to say a word to you on the interesting points you speak of. Advise Thompson by no means to have such a meeting, it would as you say set an example for Mr Clinton ^for^ which he would give the world. The dire necessity... Continue Reading
Your favour from Hudson reached me this morning. You confirm me in the belief that it would be inexpedient to get up meetings to nominate Tompkins & I shall represent it so to our friends I reced. a letter from Ontario informing me that on the 24th a Convention or meeting would be held in... Continue Reading
With this you will receive a copy of the Bucktail Bards. Dick Shift you will find in a more respectable dress—and the epistles of Pindar Puff somewhat improved. J Duer is as you know the author of the first and G C Verplanck of the last, as also of the Proligomena &c. We shall send some of the... Continue Reading
I have learnt with great pleasure that you have wisely determined henceforward to Identify yourself with the Republicans of the State & union. I am persuaded you as this step in pre act is purely spontaneous & wholly ^un^influenced by political ^sinister^ considerations it is a step of... Continue Reading
The V. P. left town today at 12oClk on his return home. He stopped at the Senate on his way and I had a short Conference with him in one of the Comee. Rooms. I had not seen him for some days, during which from considerations of delicacy I omitted to visit him. Referring to his nomination, he asked... Continue Reading
I have but just now received your favr of 28th Ultm. I am at Skinner Number 4, with a good fire & one friend only, shall be much gratified to see you with Mr. P. R Livingston or if he is not in Town with any other one or two of your respectable friends at any time between two & four OClock... Continue Reading
I presume your time must be very much engrossed or you would not forget your promises. I have been looking very impatiently for some ^time^ for a certain book, but have not received it nor have I been able to get sight of one, altho I believe some have reached this quarter. Before this comes to... Continue Reading
You will receive herewith a letter from a committee of the Legislature soliciting your acceptance of the nomination as a candidate for the office of Governor. The uncertainty in which we are left as to your movements has somewhat embarrassed us, but we have concluded to send this together with your... Continue Reading