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The symtoms of my Daughter have for a few days been more favorable, but not to justify me to leave her any time. I <regret> I regret that I could not have been at Albany long before this, but as the time is altogether uncertain, I have this day wrote a confidential Letter to the Gov. on the... Continue Reading
I shall go to Newyork early, perhaps as early as Wednesday at all events on Saturday & may not therefore see you again as I consider you on your Journey. You must take some trusty servant with you as we will feel uneasy other wise, the expence must be managed in this way some of your friends... Continue Reading
I have just received your letter giving me the result of your contest for Senator and Council of appointment. What will be the course now pursued, I have not the law at hand directing the election of Senator but I take it for granted none can be elected without a new law. Will any be passed at the... Continue Reading
Mr Butler sent you by the last mail a list of appointments made, the Council do not meet again until Saturday, the rumours afloat are that you are to be removed eventually, but not immediately: I believe that the Governor & his friends have determined on a contest, and to rely on the Judge Van... Continue Reading
I understand that the US appointment of District Attorney will be resigned by Mr Fisk very soon, & as you was good enough to say you would write to the President, allow me now to ask that favor as soon as your feelings will permit you. The letter is important to me at as early a day as possible... Continue Reading
An application of an extraordinary character was made to me yesterday, by your guardian friend, Col Abel King. He expressed himself with considerable indignation, & peremptorily demanded, that I should institute a suit against you. Aware myself of the egregious falsehoods that are continually... Continue Reading
Mr Wolcott has this day started for Albany with a petition for the pardon or commutation of the punishments of Conkling, Teed & Dunning, having our friend Teed alone to be executed. A <Permant> truce including a conditional petition for the pardon of Teed is in circulation, & will be... Continue Reading
Yours of the 28th I recd yesterday; I need scarcely add with a great deal of satisfaction. As to doing things by the halves, I am entirely of your opinion. Mr Maynard, the Editor of the Patriot & Patrol & who is a partner of mine informs me that he has sent to you the two last numbers of... Continue Reading
Your last epistle to on the subject of Newyork politics has only served to add demonstration to my former convictions that you are totally and deplorably Ignorant not only of Mr Clinton (In true Clintonian style I name him first & also out of complaisance to you) but of the State her political... Continue Reading
I have not had a moment to spare, since the Council has terminated their late disgraciful proceedings or I should have dropped you a line not in the way of condolence but rather of congratulation as your removal from office will have done much good to our cause and I am fully persuaded that it can... Continue Reading