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I have been informed since my arrival in this part of the Country that you have become a zealous advocate for the Clintonian party, those ene[mie]s to the Republican interest & the <full> <Law> ^general welfare^. In addressing you it is unnecessary to enter into a discussion of this... Continue Reading
THE PEOPLE of the State of NEW-YORK, by the Grace of God Free and Independent: To William Garrison of the Town of Livingston in the County of Columbia, send Greeting— Whereas Joseph Myer son of Jacob Myer late of the Town of Livingston in Columbia County, deceased, an Infant under the age of twenty... Continue Reading
I have received your letter and shall pay due attention to the notice you have given me on behalf of the representatives of Robt. Vn. Deusen. The shares of the different proprietors representing the patentees will be liquidated in the course of this week. With respict to the share of the patentee... Continue Reading
Notice is hereby given that an Election in the Town of Kinderhook, for the purpose of Electing a Representative to Congress, (in consequence of a notice received from the Sheriff of the County of Columbia ordering an Election to be held by [no]tice of the Governors proclamation) to fill the... Continue Reading
I regret that I have only recd. your letter of the 18th. this moment & consequently too late to try your note at the Bank this day. I omitted sending to the post office on monday & was prevented from doing it yesterday, in consequence of a singular circumstance which occurred to me... Continue Reading
It is proposed by the Travellers Turnpike Company, to lay out the road no farther this Fall than to my house. By the act we are required to commence operations within two years. The question now is whether laying out a part of the road only, and working a part, will be within the act. And it also... Continue Reading
I wish you would send me by the <bearer> en[cl]osed the original draft of the Letter I asked you for at Mr Swarts. You may rely on my honour for its return without disadvantage to you ^in consequence of sending it to me^ in any state of things. I hope the Col: will not be in a hurry as I... Continue Reading
A Great Bargain. The subscriber offers for sale, a FARM, in the town of Kinderhook, containing 130 acres, with great improvements thereon. Description is considered unnecessary, as the purchaser will examine the property. It will be sold cheap.
I am under the necessity of going from home to day and will not return till tomorrow afternoon I wish therefore that you would come in on Tuesday.
I have a short time since returned and will see you at my office or such place in town as you shall suggest ^appoint^. I send this to Mr Williams presuming that you are there if in town. My clerk informs me Mr H. has rode down