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Capt. Bartholomew, Master of the Steam Boat Richmond, has just reported that the following persons have refused to pay the Steam Boat Fee, viz: July 26. Cadet Gilbert, a Boy for want of Money —$.50 “    “ Mr. Patterson, Phila. (Poverty)   .50 Aug: 2. Corns. P. Hermance,... Continue Reading
I address you on a subject very interesting on my part Conserning alot of Land that Mr Obidiah Cooledge of bid of at vendue April the 20. 1815 it being lot No 8 Malloreys tract the L Coolidge was imployed and payed by the propietors to go forward and bid the lot for us he being one of the... Continue Reading
The Western District is much indebted to you.
Your favor of the 4 Oct, inst. respecting the money I collected on the execution in favor of the people vs. Calvin Hyde I shall forward the first safe conveyance. If no oppertunity offers before I shall be in Newyorke the last of Nov, and will then forward you the money or deposit it in some one of... Continue Reading
There is a Sute Commenced a gainst me for the people—which I think must be for intrest due of Lot No 40 in the Northwest part of the Oneida Reservation and, if so, I conseve by the act passed—Last Winter for the relief of the actual settlers on said tract that I shall have the intrest remitted—for... Continue Reading
I recd your's calling on me for the amt of the judgt in favor of the People. If it be consistant I desire you to delay execution until the first of Octr next, as I cannot conveniently nor with out loss pay it before. In the mean time please accept my acknowledgment of your politeness.
I know not what fees you allude to. When I was in Albany last, I paid Mr Bloodgood & took a receipt in full. I have never issued a writ or filed a plea since. The same year I paid Mr Farilie for the Year <before> any <cent>. I only wish to know how & why I am charged fees when I... Continue Reading
I have arived at Utica & I called on Mr. Kirklen & he informed me you had not sent him notice for trial I hope that it will not go by this Court as it has been many years since it has been in agitation & some of the witnesses is already dead and some have mooved at great distences and... Continue Reading
I have Bought out the James Ville Iron & Woollin factory Company in James Ville in the town of Manlius in the Countey of Onondaga & am Informed that there is a mortgage on the premises in favor of the peopal of the State of New york for the Sum of four-thousand five hundred dollars and that... Continue Reading
Your unexpected departure prevented my making you acquainted with the merits of my defence agt. Clarks suit. That no unnecessary delay may take place I authorize you to agree to submit it to any person you think proper, & to appoint a time for the hearing. Let it be however sufficiently far... Continue Reading