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As it is very doubtful whether I <illegible> get to the end of my message in season to look at the beginning I send you that most difficult of all its parts the Commencement; begging the favor of you to run it over according to your ideas & send <it> me as soon as you can. Dont let... Continue Reading
I thank you for your attention to my wishes, but by retaining the original letter it is not in my power to reply to it, having no account of the names of the writers. Please send it to me to Concord, to the care of <Warren> Hill Esquire, who will send it after me. The reception here &... Continue Reading
I bespeak for the proposition I am about to make yours and Mrs. Butler's most deliberate consideration, before you conclude to reject it. I say Mrs. B's, because in whatever relation so essentially to your future welfare, she ought of right to be consulted; & she has on a former occasion shown... Continue Reading