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Will you have the goodness to let me know whether my friend Charles Wilkes Junr, a young gentleman of high honor & character of my state stands any & what chance of promotion this winter. He has an advantageous offer in the merchant service but can give no <message> until he learns... Continue Reading
This man plagues my life out. I do not know that I could recommend him if there was a vacancy but would rather tell him that there is none if the point be so.
I send you the papers. You must employ good counsel & look Seriously to the cause as you will find it impossible to avoid payment if they recover agt. you. <illegible> Pleasonton is a stiff sort of body whose character you will judge by his letter. He has a handsome daughter & a wife... Continue Reading
I bespeak for the proposition I am about to make yours and Mrs. Butler's most deliberate consideration, before you conclude to reject it. I say Mrs. B's, because in whatever relation so essentially to your future welfare, she ought of right to be consulted; & she has on a former occasion shown... Continue Reading
Can you send me a Copy of your objections to Mr Clays land Bill