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I cannot omit once troubling you in relation to my excellent friend Hammond. You may recollect that you intimated to me that certain friends of your’s at Albany had endeavored to poison your mind against Mr. H., and particularly in relation to the dishonorable publication of Mr. Wright's letter,... Continue Reading
I understand that the Steam Boat Fire Fly has regularly plied as a passage Boat between Newyork and Newburgh for the two last years. Not a cent of money has been recieved at the Treasury for the tax on Passengers in that Boat, nor have any Accounts been rendered of the Tax. Have the goodness... Continue Reading
Your letter of yesterdays date is before me. The proposed Loan of $350,000 by the State to the General Government can only be made by first borrowing the amount on the credit of the State. But as the State Tax for 1815 will be realized in the early part of the next year, I think this sum can be... Continue Reading
Lewis Clark, an Auctioneer appointed for the city of Albany has neglected to render his Accounts of sales at auction to this office as required by Law, it is therefore my duty to request you to proceed against him for the recovery of the penalties to which he has subjected himself. I have... Continue Reading
Capt. Bartholomew, Master of the Steam Boat Richmond, has just reported that the following persons have refused to pay the Steam Boat Fee, viz: July 26. Cadet Gilbert, a Boy for want of Money —$.50 “    “ Mr. Patterson, Phila. (Poverty)   .50 Aug: 2. Corns. P. Hermance,... Continue Reading