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The V. P. left town today at 12oClk on his return home. He stopped at the Senate on his way and I had a short Conference with him in one of the Comee. Rooms. I had not seen him for some days, during which from considerations of delicacy I omitted to visit him. Referring to his nomination, he asked... Continue Reading
In my conversations with the S of the N. he has been open & explicit in his opinion, that the V. P. can not decline the nomination without some disadvantage—in these sentiments I am convinced the S of the N. is very sincere. I have not however inferred that he would refuse to be the Candidate... Continue Reading
By the mail of today I received your letter of the 2d. instant. I wrote to you on the day of the V. P. departure. Since then I have seen and frankly told him what passed between the V. P. and myself; holding back nothing which occured in our conference, or the letter which I wrote to you respecting... Continue Reading
I have not been able sooner to make the communication, nor is the measure absolutely settled, that the mission to G. Britain has been offered to me, and that it is probable I may accept it. At present I mention the same to you without wishing to be quoted
"The Clintonians here are encouraged in their hopes, and leave nothing undone to advance their views; in this spirit I understand that Meigs, the P. M. has been called on for the letter of Van Buren to Henry Meigs, wh. he sent to the P. M., respecting the removal of certain Postmasters. Meigs, it... Continue Reading
I have just recd. yours of the 12th. I must deal frankly and especially with all who may unjustly claim that I shd. discard Rumer in writing to him on a subject, personally as well as politically of great moment. You cannot be ignorant of the course, that I have, <illegible> ^at first^ with... Continue Reading