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Since my return, matters here are in nearly the same state they have been for some time. It would be very difficult for that section of our party of which the Pennan is the organ to give the paramount impulse to the <State>, unless we get the Sutherland <people> to unite with us.... Continue Reading
I received a letter a few days ago from Mr Hoyt stating that the matter of which I formerly mentioned to you could not be done in New York. To <express> any ^<regret>^ may be useless and unavailing, but it is not the less deep and settled in that very account. I know very well that you... Continue Reading
As the deposits are now to be withdrawn and my motives cannot be suspected, I think it is proper that I should give you a relation of certain facts which you ought to know. There can be no question in my opinion but Mr Kendall and a few other Kentucky politicians in Washington have urged the with... Continue Reading
The news I have, <that> soon I will commence <illegible> <how> deeply of the fact that Kendall and his assaults at Washington have <entered> into a deep conspiracy to <illegible> you to the <illegible> of the Bank, so that Dick Johnson may be brought forward at... Continue Reading
The result of yester day’s <inspector> election settles the question in this city, and I may say the state. There is no doubt of carrying next Tuesday the whole city and county ticket from top to bottom. The opposition and bank persons call it a Van Buren ticket. Of course we have no... Continue Reading
I scarcely know what the Globe means by favoring the election of McKean to the Senate. McKean may have sent friends to make promises at Washington, but it is well known in this quarter that the election of McKean is the signal for raising the Ingham faction in this state again. Ingham & McKean... Continue Reading