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I have not had a moment to spare, since the Council has terminated their late disgraciful proceedings or I should have dropped you a line not in the way of condolence but rather of congratulation as your removal from office will have done much good to our cause and I am fully persuaded that it can... Continue Reading
Your favour from Hudson reached me this morning. You confirm me in the belief that it would be inexpedient to get up meetings to nominate Tompkins & I shall represent it so to our friends I reced. a letter from Ontario informing me that on the 24th a Convention or meeting would be held in... Continue Reading
I have persuaded Mr Phillips to send his second son to Canandaigua with materials for a new paper. He is 21 years of age & has been reading law in Philadelphia & with assistance will do well. A paper must be established there. He will leave this in a week I shall give him a few lines to you... Continue Reading
You have no doubt seen our list of the nominating Committee. With a few exceptions it is a good list and under good counsel will do well for the party but unless some pains are taken by our friends I am not without apprehension that the valuable offices will be carried off by persons having no... Continue Reading
You will perceive that the enclosed is precisely the thing to make Capital with in the Slave States at the expense of Confidence & good faith How Mr Van Buren could have Committed himself So far is inexplicable to me Make what use of it you please but dont send it to the Whig Central Committee... Continue Reading