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Since the Day of my return, I have been so much occupied with cases growing out of the circuit—with answers in Chancery and other Matters which could not be turned over to Clerks, that not a second was devoted to your Subject⁠—Yesterday was sent a scrawl which will scarcely pay for the trouble of... Continue Reading
You will not probably have forgotton, that some 18 or 20 Years ago, an application was made to the Legislature of this State, by some friends of the underwritten for compensation for his services during the Revolutionary War, in which he was for more than 5 Years engaged in various laborious and... Continue Reading
Pursuant to the request contained in your letter, I have forwarded to to Col Stranahan the list of the Terretenants to be summoned. That is of all the names contained in the plea. You will be pleased to transmit to him (them) Stranahan & Jordan) the Sci. fa and Copies thereof. Lest you may want... Continue Reading
The proceeding are the answers of G. W. P. and Aug J. P to your questions, of which a copy is prepared.  The general rule as to <illegible> is undoubtedly as the atty genl. States. There can be no objection to the proposed amendment. Perhaps it may be deemed necessary. We can hereafter... Continue Reading
A friend of Mr Ely called yesterday to inform me that the Bill which he had intended to bring into the H of A. for my benefit had been indefinitely postponed by your advice. No doubt you may have very good and very friendly reasons for this advice; but I should have taken it very kind if they had... Continue Reading