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I have been solicited to lend my aid in procuring Mr. S. Southwick the appointment of postmaster here. Not knowing a person at Washington. to whom I could write. I suggested the expediency of obtaining your influence, upon which I was desired to write you a line. For what particular purpose I cant... Continue Reading
In answer to your letter of yesterday I can only give you rather general information. Our prospects are favorable from every quarter. Increased majorities compared with the last Governor election. In Albany K. has 602 majority. You have 26 less than the other Republican candidates. This shameful... Continue Reading
The crisis in my destination has arrived I last evening received a letter from President offering me the place of Secretary of the Navy I have slept one night upon it. Thought upon it during the day. Resolved—doubted—Reresolved and doubted again. Am much in want, of grave, and prudent advisers. The... Continue Reading
I have not heard from you in a long time. I am fearful Mrs Van Burens indisposition is the cause. I have made inquiries about her whenever I could see any body from your quarter. Should have written you often but really my confinement in Court and my perplexity about what is before me have so taken... Continue Reading
I adjourned my Court yesterday, and shall now begin to prepare as speedily as possible to set my face to the south, my appointment has been unanimously confirmed by the Senate. I have occasionally misgivings on the subject, but it is now too late to look back, but must keep a good look out ahead.... Continue Reading
I have been extremely busy for some time preparing to set my face to the south. My present calculation is to leave here on monday in company with the Vice President, Commodore Chauncy &c. Speculations and conjectures are afloat as to the Judge to be placed on the Bench. The Feds. are for some... Continue Reading
I have just received your letter of the 17th. and feel myself justly exposed to the gentle reproof you give me for not writing before. But I do assure you, I have had my hands full here I found the business of my office some what behind hand, and being unacquainted with the details it has taken me... Continue Reading
I have just received your letter giving me the result of your contest for Senator and Council of appointment. What will be the course now pursued, I have not the law at hand directing the election of Senator but I take it for granted none can be elected without a new law. Will any be passed at the... Continue Reading
I leave here for Washington tomorrow. Shall probably be gone nearly three weeks. I am very much embarrassed in my own mind how to manage about the District Judgeship. The applicants are numerous and most of them my particular friends. I believe I must give a faithful and impartial account of the... Continue Reading
Shortly before I left New York I received your letter of the 30th ult, but being very much engaged in preparing to come here had not time to acknowledge it. You have doubtless seen through the public papers that Mr Skinner has been appointed the Judge and Sutherland the District Attorney. This was... Continue Reading