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I received your communication & the enclosures on my return from Boston  I regret extremely that you took the trouble to repel an imputation which I never for a moment entertained and which I have expressed to my friends & in Company when the subject of remark. I knew you incapable of... Continue Reading
We the undersigned respectfully request Mr Van Buren to furnish to the Chairman & Secretary of the meeting of the New York Delegation convened this morning in the capital, a copy of the remarks he made upon the melancholy and unexpected tidings of the sudden death of the Governor of the State... Continue Reading
Previous to the receipt of your friendly & confidential letter, I had a visit from the Chairman of the Committee on the <Genl> Message, proferring me the Situation indicated in your letter, which I declined after expressing my acknowledgment for the confidence reposed in me, which is very... Continue Reading
We have examined a map of the state of New-York, including the upper part of the state of Pennsylvania, published by Mr. AMOS LAY, and it appears to us to be accurate, and to contain all the counties up to this time correctly designated, and to be well worthy of public patronage.
The committee appointed by one of the foregoing resolutions to prepare and present a memorial to congress, having withdrawn for the purpose of agreeing to the same, again appeared in the meeting—when the following was reported on their behalf by Mr. Duer, and unanimously adopted. To the honorable... Continue Reading
NOTICE ☞A meeting of the inhabitants of this city and county of Albany, is hereby requested at the capitol in the city of Albany, this evening, at six o'clock, for the purpose of expressing their opinions on the expediency of prohibiting the further extension of slavery in the United States.