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I duly consider the difficulties involved in this great question, and am fully aware of the strong predjudices of the of the southern people, arrayed in opposition to it, ^still^ I hope, that the republican members from this state will devise some means to overcome all these difficulties. If the... Continue Reading
The pending question of the Tariff, as regards its effects upon coarse wools and woolen fabricks, has been a subject of very anxious, but of perfectly friendly discussion among several citizens of this place and others casually present, and who, disclaiming every political & other foreign... Continue Reading
Dont fancy that you are about to be tuned with another long epistle on the tariff bill, no such object is intended. I have long since ceased to have any hopes that a tariff bill will pass this session, believing as I do the Adams party have determined to vote against any bill unless they could have... Continue Reading
The committee appointed by one of the foregoing resolutions to prepare and present a memorial to congress, having withdrawn for the purpose of agreeing to the same, again appeared in the meeting—when the following was reported on their behalf by Mr. Duer, and unanimously adopted. To the honorable... Continue Reading
NOTICE ☞A meeting of the inhabitants of this city and county of Albany, is hereby requested at the capitol in the city of Albany, this evening, at six o'clock, for the purpose of expressing their opinions on the expediency of prohibiting the further extension of slavery in the United States.