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I owe you an apology for neglecting so long to acknowledge my obligations for the kind manner in which you have shown your recollection of me by sending me several copies of documents & your speeches on the Panama mission & the judiciary bill. I had believed that the minority in the senate... Continue Reading
If I do not estimate wrongly the relation in which you & I stand to each other, I am not about to take an unwarrantable liberty. Notwithstanding we have differed in opinion as to men, on my part (& I trust the feeling is reciprocal) I have entertained towards ^you^ feelings of perfect good... Continue Reading
We have examined a map of the state of New-York, including the upper part of the state of Pennsylvania, published by Mr. AMOS LAY, and it appears to us to be accurate, and to contain all the counties up to this time correctly designated, and to be well worthy of public patronage.
You will not I hope deem it intrusive, if complying with my wishes as to the result. I address you on the subject of Postmaster for New york to supply the vacancy occasioned by the death of Mr. Bauman to be concise and unceremonial I know of no man in the City of New york so highly and ju[s]tly... Continue Reading