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I should have written you at an earlier day had any thing essentially interesting occurred, since you left Washington. We have never till within a few days been able to ascertain what course would eventually be taken by those in the abstract opposed to Virginia’s giving us another President. You... Continue Reading
I received yours of Tuesday last, and should have waited for the arrival of the one you intimated you should soon write, if I did not deem it of importance to call the attention of our friends at Albany to the question of Presidency, without delay. Our Delegation are likely to fall into an... Continue Reading
You will accept my acknowledgments for your very to me flattering letter of the 13th instant. I hope you have so recovered your health as to be able to resume your seat at Albany, where your presence seems much wanted. There was last evening a meeting of our Delegation to consider the Resolutions... Continue Reading
The decision was made last evening 65 for Monroe 54 for Crawford, 85 for Tompkins Vice Prest 30 for Snyder. On Friday evening Monroe’s friends held a meeting & resolved to attend the caucus & prevent a nomination. Accordingly as soon as the meeting was organized Mr. Clay moved a resolution... Continue Reading
Permit me to rejoice for myself & the State, that your indisposition is so far removed as to <permit> suffer you to resume your seat in the Senate, & your attentions to your friends. That I am so flatteringly estimated in that number is peculiarly gratifying to me, as I can see in it... Continue Reading
I regret my dear friend, that it should have been necessary to open the eyes of the public to Mr. Clinton['s] views & principles, that you should be removed from the office you filled so creditably to the state. Enough had already been done if the People could have been persuaded to look... Continue Reading
You will perceive by our papers of to-day what the County Convention did last week. A high compliment was passed upon you and a strong expression of disapprobation of Clinton's administration, given. Every exertion is making to call up the spirits of our friends, but tho' most of them are... Continue Reading