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I have received your letter of the 25th, and I immediately sit down to answer it. It is most unfortunate, that the Court Martial should take you from Albany, where you may be most wanted. I cannot help wishing the Court Martial to the devil, and you, some more pleasant and profitable employment,... Continue Reading
     The Presidential question, so far as it may depend on the members of Congress, is undoubtedly, approaching its crisis. A caucus was convened on Tuesday evening last, by an anonymous notice, which was issued very unexpectedly. Nothing was done, but to authorise another caucus. Fifty seven... Continue Reading
You have received a letter from my friend the C J.; which informes you what is about to happen. This opens to you, in the most inviting manner, the place of Judge if you will accept it. And, will you accept it? It seems to me, in the best view, which I can take of the subject, and estimating as... Continue Reading
You tell me, my friend, that I must excuse you for not writing; and at the same time, you refer me to your letter to our common friend. <Tho'> as kind as it is delicate. I have seen that letter, and have perused it, at length. I perceive the delicacies and perplexities of the situation, in... Continue Reading
"The Missouri question," is a phrase, which, in the nomenclature of the moment, comprehends the question respecting the admission of Maine, as a State, into the Union; the question concerning the admission of Missouri, as a State, into the Union; the question of the prohibition of slavery, in the... Continue Reading
At a time when our country is engaged in war with one of the most powerful nations on earth, in defence of our national rights and sovereignty; when opposition has reared her hydra form, and put at defiance the constituted authorities; when treason walks forth at noon-day, and, under the specious... Continue Reading
My friendship and respect for the Chief Justice, are equal to yours; that is to say, very great; and it would give me real pleasure, to be able to promote his wishes, in any respect. But what reason have you, to suppose that B—, is to go to France? Is there any such scheme, on foot; or upon what,... Continue Reading